Monday, October 24, 2011

Today, yesterday, and the month before!

Well if you hadn't noticed ALL of my blogs have been lacking in the love department.

I am putting a blame in a few areas.

First-- I went back to work Part time for the summer.  July aug and sept.
second--Haley has gotten worse.  She is needing more care than before.
third--marshall has gotten a new position at work and spending a bunch of time working
Forth-- Libby is feeling like I don't pay enough attention to her and she is starting to give up ...nap time... I think every mothers worst nightmare.
fifth--I started selling paparazzi jewelry and that is taking up all my extra free time.
sixth-- libby has been on and off sick the past 3 weeks and so have I.

I hope those are enough reasons that you all feel sorry for me and forgive my absence in the blogging world.

So that was the short of it I will give some tidbits to make it all worth while.

Libby Turned 3 yeah and we had a party.  we were going to take her to the zoo but I didn't give us enough time in my planning to figure in rush hour traffic.  so instead we went to thanksgiving point and road the pony and saw lots of fun animals.

She  choose  dinner at wingers because she loves the popcorn!

We had a friend make a repunzal cake and it turned out great.  
Libby was super excited about it!  it tasted great and really made her day!

She got a special birthday hat at preschool!!  she loves preschool and I am 
glad she has somewhere fun to go meet new people!

When I turned 3 they found my Heart block.  I have been nervously and impatiently waiting for her to turn 3 so that we can check her heart to see if what I have is hereditary.  

She reluctantly let us put stickers on her (she whined and cried the entire time).  but when all is said and done she is perfectly healthy and does not I repeat enthusiastically she DOES NOT have a heart problem!!!!!!!!!!!

one of her many wonderful gifts was a princess dress she wears all the time she is my little princess through and through!!

towards the end of september Haleys illness took a turn for the worse and she was in a lot of pain.  so they decide that it would help her if they put in a GJ tube (it is one that goes though her  stomach into her intestines)  so they took the nose feeding tube out and now she has hole into her stomach.  for the most part is has been a hard transition but what major surgery doesn't require a bit of healing.  We hope that after the 6 weeks of recovery she will be feeling up to par.  for now she is looking better and in a bit better spirits.  This was a picture of one of the days of her week long stay at primary children's.

We took libby down as part of her birthday and just because we could.  to go see the little mermaid at the tuacahn in st george!  it was amazing she loved it.  she loved the songs and the whole experience.  We are excited to take her next year to go see Aladdin.  But for now she is singing ariels songs still.  and mermaids are her favorite thing to talk about.
 this was her look through out the entire movie she sat on the edge of her seat and watched.  with intermittent smiles and laughing with glee.

Hope that filled the long and short of our september Maybe next week I will blog about oct.