Monday, March 23, 2015

Loosing teeth has been awesome!! 

 Playing with mom and loving jewelry

 Cuddling with dad on the couch

 The first time I have found her without a diaper on and she had peed all over her bed.  But I will be a happy mom if this is the only time we have this problem.

Make over

Jada invited us to go with her to a Mary Kay make over.  Libby had a blast! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Christmas at our house!!!

New christmas PJs

 The stocking are hung by the not real fireplace with care.
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our Family!

Playing with dad is always their favorite part of the day.  Whether its reading a book, watching a movie, watching basketball, or playing with a  ball on the stairs.

Dinner while dad is at Ragnar.

Celebrating Haley's 21st Birthday with Guilt free calorie free  (Wink Wink) Magelby's chocolate cake.

Lost teeth!!

 Grandma Hooper made Libby a tooth fairy pillow Libby is super excited!!   Thankful for handy, helpful and willing to sew (because I didn't want to) mother in law!! 

Easting breakfast!

Heading to a funeral for Dru

Date night  murder mystery dinner .  Marshall guessed the killer in no time flat!

Playing Dr.  they love to listen to hearts.

Libby fell asleep and I couldn't pass on the photo super funny!!