Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all. marshall and I soent easter apart for most of the day. He went and hunted eggs with his family while I stayed home with libby. Then he came home and I visited my family. Haley came and sat with libby during church so we could teach our lesson and she will never know how much I means to me. well even though libby couldn't go to visit grandmas in her easter dress we did take a few pictures.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

happy girl

Our little libby has grown so very quickly she loves marshall and sure shows it. WHen he walks into the room her eyes light up and she is so excited. she loves her little spoon if we had known that the spoon would be the most used toy we probably would have just stuck with it as our only toy.

girls lunch

Our chevy girls potluck lunch we all had a blast and ohhh it tasted so very good

sick kids

At our house I have been the only one not sick (knock on wood). When I got Libby out of bed this morning she had a fever and just didn't feel well. Marshall came home while i was feeding her and was so wonderful offered to hold her while I put in some time in my office working. Well things got really quiet and when I went to check on them this is what I found. if your going to not feel well then a good cuddle to sleep is the best position