Thursday, April 5, 2012

girls night out

My mom invited Libby and I to go to see my sister at the hospital and we  in turn invited her to have ice cream with us.  We went to Maceys (because they have the best priced ice cream) and while walking in my mom was stopped by a man with 6 puppies that looked just like Hershey ( Haley's puppy).  Like a good mother I let her stop and hold the puppies.  she was in heaven and so was my mom.  so we took some pictures so that we could show Marshall later.  She was so soft with the little puppies it melted my heart just not enough to buy one. :-)



new and improved

Well time flies when you are busy helping others.  I am really excited that Haley is going to Ohio and will be able to have her surgery but with her leaving I am left with time that i didn't know what to do.   So I thought why not add to my blog and show pictures of our wonderful/crazy life the past several months.

things that have happened.

we cut Libby's hair
finishing up the masters program
selling paparazzi jewelry
and I am sure many more things.

so maybe I will just put up pictures because pictures tell a1000 words (or so I hope).

So maybe start with conference because it just happened!

I decided that Libby is old enough to participate (a fraction of the time) in our conference tradition of sitting on the couch and watching the Wonderful speakers.  So after spending way to much time on pintrest I found this wonderful Idea that worked well for her age.  


So I had her pick 5 words that she thought were church words so she picked Jesus Christ, Prayer, Temples, Scriptures, Family.  and so we went through the Gospel Art Kit and found corresponding pictures.  Libby put a bowl of treats in front of every picture ( i had 5 different kids of treats).  she then sat down and started listening to hear the words that would get her treats.  She had fun with it but when my brother and his 2 kids showed up she became uninterested and went to play but my nephew on the other hand sat intently watching and listening so he could get a ton of treats.  And so at the end of the first Sunday session My nephew had a stomach full of treats and because of his kindness so did Libby and his sister.  the second session she watched for a few min before nap time.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back yard

Libby Loves playing in the back yard at grandmas house.  She was playing with hershey the dog and she came in asking to have marshmallows to roast over her "fire".  So I took the marshmallows out side, to find the rocks all set up for a fire pit and she had fun with it.  It was pretty cute to see her use her imagination.  


This is a tribute for Haley!!! We have seen miracles and will continue to see miracles.  I just wanted to show those what w have been dealing with!

We love her and are very hopeful that she will be making a great change!