Friday, February 25, 2011

Stuff our faces

Our week has been very eventful.

We started out having lunch on Saturday with lance. He came down to redeem his birthday gift, Lunch at Tucanos with us... YEAH!!!! We always enjoy a good lunch especially Tucanos.

We got a call from our bishop on Monday and boy were we hopeful. I thought it was either about our adoption, or Marshall would be getting a calling. So I was hoping for the adoption one. Well we headed to the church and when we sat down the bishop said he would like us to speak in church. I don’t know if it was relief or sadness but after he asked us to speak he asked how the adoption was going. I told him about how his called had given us some hopes. He promised never to call us in without telling us what the reason is.

We got out to the temple this week too. YEAH for us!

I am really ready for my little sister to get better I know she wishes that she could be better but I am sure tired of hearing 40 times a day "Haley sick mom, Haley sick" I know she really is worried about Haley and we all want her to get better.

Libby and I went and had Lunch with my grandma at the Hospital that she works at. Gigi bought her a donut with sprinkles. She picked every last sprinkle off the dessert and left the donut. It was pretty funny. Thanks grandma for the listening ear it is always nice to have one of those.

Libby loves a good movie,  when we want to play dr mario we put
in Mama Mia and she sits like this for the entire movie.
Marshall had Monday off for president’s day. He really wanted to do something fun. So we took Libby to see Gnomeo and Juliet. Pretty cute and clever. Libby enjoyed it. And so did we.
Want to get a new recipe. I made Caribbean Pork over Rice as my freezer meal for my freezer meal group. Check out my recipe page to get it. It smelled amazing when I put it together last night.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The best I ever had

I didn’t think that we had a busy week, but once I put it all down it was quite a long list.

We will start with Marshall’s birthday. Poor Marshall had a crazy birthday. He worked and then came home (to sleep). but was really not to happy with Jerry Sloan Quitting on his birthday so he didn’t sleep. After going to bed at 9pm, he headed to work at 1:30am on Friday morning. So we didn’t get to do much celebrating. He did get a helmet for the bike he is getting next month. Libby was so excited she wanted to tell him it was his birthday who knows how many times. One of Marshall’s old employees did a nacho dinner for his birthday. It was so good. They are the best nachos in the whole world. Oscar sent home the rest of the meat and some cheese and beans so I made very large Burritos (I froze them) so we can enjoy them later.

On Saturday morning I did my usual bountiful baskets (absolutely love it). Then home to prepare for the Hooper Bowling Tournament. Check out our adoption blog to see pictures and get the low down of how bad I did. Marshall’s mom made a cake for his birthday/ Valentines Day. It tasted really great. It had a heart shape in each slice, Very creative. Libby Loved to eat the cake and since our house is trying to eat healthy we didn’t make a huge cake for the 3 of us.

My Good news is that Libby is POTTY TRAINED YEAH!!!!!!!(Day time only and we are still working on nap time). It has been a breeze this time and I am glad I waited until after my brothers kids came. I had much more patience with her this time around (I have tried 3 times but with no success). She did well with the sticker chart and to the cookie butter cookie (a peanut butter cookie) that Marshall brought home both helped as great incentives. She only has had a couple of accidents mostly at nap time but one at church. I feel horrible for the poor nursery leader that had her sitting on her lap. She made it till the last 5 min of church and peed (she went home before nursery to use the potty). I was mortified, the leader was ok. Now we need to work on sitting on a regular potty seat and not the really nice squishy child seat. After she fell in the nursery’s small toilet she refused to go there ever since.

We are an old married couple. Valentines Day was really low key. We did however, thanks to my wonderful parents, got to go to dinner- minus a potty training child. We were going to take her with us but this made it a much quicker and a less stressful dinner. So thanks for the help. We went to Brick Oven thanks for the surprise Marshall, its my favorite place to eat in the whole world!(in the words of Libby)

So I did a couple of play dates this week already, I know so not like me. I guess spilling my guts on this blog is tons easier than spilling my guts to people I should know and don’t at church is another story. We talked about having kids (which I can’t) and then it was awkward silence. Before I could explain that I was adopting, someone changed the subject because of the awkwardness of the conversation. I need to learn how to quickly turn it into a positive conversation with ease.

Well my child not only has learned from Marshall how to stall, she is also anal. She was putting her magnets back on the fridge and this is how she left them. She spent 5 min arranging them to look just right. I laughed and then took a picture after she left so she wouldn’t be embarrassed.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!
I put a new recipe on the recipes page also a new menu on the menu page

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marshall turns...

If I could remember how old he is I would tell you. But he is another year older and much wiser too,

We have had a very busy and eventful week.

On Friday we went to dinner with Marshalls parents for his birthday. We were going to eat at Texas Road House but a 90 min wait with a toddler is not fun. So we went to Goodwood instead. It was great Libby learned from grandpa that you should ask the waitress every time she walks by “Where are my fries”. It was pretty funny to see her get all upset that they weren’t her short order cooks like mom is. She got over it and loved them when they came out. We had just finished eating and were talking to the waitress about the check when all the sudden the power went out. The floodlights came on and we now got to wait 30 min for our check, SO Frustrating. Libby was excellent she had some crayons and lights (thank goodness that Marshall thought to put the flashlight app on both our IPods). There was an accident that cut the power to half the mall and the surrounding businesses. Well we got in the car to leave and Libby was just upset (she loves to see people, especially grandparents) so we told her we would go see the temple the beautiful temple. Well she was excited and happy to see the temple. At night it is just so much more majestic. She also found out that night she has a new favorite song. It is from the group Never shout never she likes 2 of their songs one has a chorus that she can “ohohohoh” to and she always tells me its her favorite.

My brother Joe and his wife went on Vacation this week and left the kids for 3 days with my mom and me. So we had them Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Going from 1 to 3 ages 3½, 2 ½, 1 ½ was a big jump. Glad it is not my day to day. We took them on Monday to the bean museum and they had a blast they loved seeing in the bear exhibit a snake eating a frog.

So Sunday was the Big SUPERBOWL party! We were at my families this year for Sunday dinner so I thought I should make some super bowl food. I made some mini sliders (check the recipe page for the how too), homemade French fries (should have fried them not baked them, Homemade tortilla chips, Nachos, and potato bites. I was going to do apple pie but I didn’t want to make a crust. Everything was good but the potato bites won’t do those again. Our team won I think. I didn’t get to see any of the commercials, three kids are a handful. I was glad that Marshall got to enjoy the game.
These look similar to mine I forgot to take a picture,
story of my life.
Now on to Funnier stories. I always love to get phone calls and texts from Marshall when I am gone. Sometimes it’s nice to know that he runs into problems just like me. I was packing my brothers kids into the car to take them to their other grandma’s house when I got a call from Marshall. “Libby and I made it home just fine. But at this moment one of us is locked in and one of us is locked out. Guess which one I am”. I couldn’t believe it. I also didn’t have a key to help him out. Luckily my sister did, so off my mom ran to let Marshall into the house. At first he thought it was funny but after 30 min he started to get cold. Libby had given up on following directions to try to open the door and he said he could hear her sit down and say “I sorry daddy, I sorry”. She now knows that you don’t touch the door.

The last few days we have been working on potty training. Wednesday evening she did really great (we started after nap time). But today has been kind of not so great. We will sit on the potty 20 min (literally) and 2-5 min after getting off she comes to me wet. I remind her about going in the potty not her underwear. But I am less stressed and more patient this time around then the last few times. I am hoping that by the end of the weekend we are accident free during the day. That would be awesome.
Christmas cruise
Libby Loves Potato head

she loves playing with play dough, I dont.
At grandmas she gets to play all the time.
she is sitting in the bucket that holds the
playdough toys.

Playing wuth her baby and dads foot

Marshall was teaching her how to play
hide and seek she hid under the blankets
can you see her head poking up

                                                 Libby Working out with Marshalls stuff

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lions and tigers and bears OH MY!!

We are please to announce that Marshall has officially been accepted to the Villanova Masters Program in Human Resources. He will begin class in March; he will be going through their online program. This means that 1 night a week he watches and participates in a class over the internet. He will graduate in the fall of 2012. This will be a much better schedule than what he has been doing for the past 2 years. 3-5 classes a week for 6 semester’s straight and working full time (we are glad to be done). We are grateful for the break and it won’t seem so bad when he starts in March. I know that he has been very excited about this since July and we are glad that it is finally here.

This past week has been a really lazy week. We did however get to go to the Temple. I know we are always grateful for the opportunity to go. We got to be involved with sealing’s (it makes adoption feel more real for our family). I would encourage all who can to attend the temple. I know that the Lord blesses our family when we make the time to go.

Marshall has been working really hard with his P90X and he has been eating much better. I am really proud of him, because I know how difficult it is to change habits.

This week Libby and I had the opportunity to babysit Marshall’s nephew Braddock. I was hoping that all would go well with Libby. She has a hard time sharing with little children but not big ones. She did great and Braddock was excellent. She helped me and brought him toys and talked with him. It made me hopeful for the future. Next week we will have my brother’s kids and it will be interesting to see how that all plays out. They are a year older and a year younger then her. I hope is will go smoothly.
I am excited that I am now part of a freezer recipe group. I am excited that I get to have more than just my usual in my freezer. I made Baked pesto ravioli with chicken, and chimichungas for my meals. My mom has been asking me to make her the Baked pesto ravioli with chicken because it tastes like something that you would get at a nice Italian restaurant. So check out my recipes page for the recipe.