Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Date Night!!!

These don't happen as often as they really should.  With a baby it has been difficult to leave.  We finally went to a movie and saw Captain Phillips and we rushed to get there 5 min before the movie started and we had an empty theater!!!
It ended up filling up with 15 more people but it was fun to get out!

We were invited to a BYU football game.  We have been talking about going to at least 1 game a year (we should have gone to 8 so far) and we have now made it to 3!!  We went to the pre game tailgate party and had fun.

We had awesome seats!!!! 

October Visits with our Birth Families!!

Before Jada's visit

  If we could get Reese to stop moving I might have been able to get a good picture :-(

Before Nick's visit 

UCCU Family Festival

Marshall and I took Libby and Reese to the UCCU Family Festival at UVU for a family date night.  We thought it could entertain Libby for an hour.  We were very wrong....She absolutely loved it.  We spent 3 hours there and probably could have stayed longer had we had a bottle for Reese.  Here are some pictures of some of the things she did.

There were 10 or so Bouncy houses to choose from.

There was a dress up station where the princesses were. You can imagine where we spent most of our time!

She had so much fun with the princesses!  At one point Libby asked the princess for more makeup and 'Snow White' said   "The most important thing a Princess can wear is her smile!!!" I loved that.  One does not need tons of make up to be beautiful - just a smile!

Want to know what was right across from the Princess dress up station... Free massages for adults!!!! Both Marshall and I got one while we waited for Libby.  Reese sat very happy in the stroller for the 3 hours (she should have been napping).

Miss Utah County stopped and took a picture with Libby.. She was super excited!

At the end of the night both girls were ready for bed... Wait or was that both Parents were ready for bed?!  Either way we had lots of fun!!