Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter and stuff

First off. Marshall and I had a nice long weekend together. He had Friday off and then took Monday off too. I always enjoy time that we get to spend as a family.

Bountiful baskets has been am ongoing blessing in my life and I am glad at how much money I save buy using it each week. Although some weeks it makes for a long Saturday morning.

We had the opportunity to spend Saturday evening with my family for Easter. Both my brothers come down to my moms and we had a really nice turkey dinner. Thanks mom for all your hard work in putting together the Easter hunt and the wonderful dinner.

On Sunday we had a very full day.

We had nursery which can be a handful on holidays, then off to our friends baby blessing, then to the Hooper's for the Easter egg hunt.

Denise had a nice ham dinner and Marshall who is not a big ham person liked the ham a lot. Thanks Denise for your hard work in putting it all together.

I know that last week I forgot to mention our “broken closet” the shelf where Marshall’s clothes are at pulled out of the wall. On Thursday night Marshall fixed it or so he thought. Well he tried to put his clothes back on the new rod he put in and it broke again. So he was not a happy camper and I just laughed (humor fixes all bad situations). Well he went down stairs to get the electric drill and called me it was like 9pm so Libby was asleep. And this is what we found.

Yes the salt and pepper shakers in Marshall’s shoes. In the past we have found apples, her shoes, money, and toys. But I still don’t know how she got her hands on the salt and pepper.

Well Libby got a nice Easter dress, shoes, bows, a book, some chalk, and a water and sand play table for Easter. I stayed way under budget. So that made me happy. She really did make it a lot of fun. We had an Easter hunt at home for her to get her gifts before church. She had a ton of fun and kept telling us “come on dad I know where we going.” It is fun to see her excited and happy. She did fairly well for little sleep. And when we woke her up on Sunday morning and from nap she told us both time “go away I sleeping”.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I had a very productive week

Friday I did yard work. I enjoy helping in the yard during not hot weather. So this past weekend proved to be just right. I prund the green bushes and tried to make them sort of square. I also pruned 5 rose bushes. My grabage can was full at the end of the day from marshall mowing the lawn and me pruning the plants. I am supposed to let everyone know that the can was completely empy before we started no one trash bag and it was a good thing we could not fit anything else in the garbage.
On Saturday we went and saw the Hale center theaters production of “Hairspray”. Marshall is always a good sport and pretends that he had a nice time just to make me happy. But this was very good and I was glad that I got to see it. It is always nice to go on a date with your spouse it helps to make your relationship better.

On Monday I helped my mom in her art class she is working on an awesome project (I will post a picture of it tomorrow). She needed and extra set of hands and I needed a Libby break, thanks Haley for the help.

Tuesday was the best day for me. I got a lot done. I organized my laundry shelf because it was driving me nuts. I made room on the shelf for the laundry basket and everything else that is supposed to be there.

all the jeans and pants that I mended
After that I pulled out my sewing machine and mended all the pants but 2 that I needed to. I had 3 Capri’s that I turned into shorts and Marshall had 3 pants that needed mending. It felt so nice to accomplish a task. I have not done something that big in a while.

Then that evening We had a girls night out at the taste of homes cooking school.

If you go to, scroll down to the middle of the page and you will see "Local News Videos". Off to the right side, you will see video stories. Click on "Taste of Home" for the 2:40 minutes of video in which they quote us a bunch!

My Grandma Cindy Lou, Mom Cynthia, Aunt Rebecca, Sister in law Lindsay, and Myself. We have been going for several years. It was so much fun to have that time away. I love learning new tips and tricks to make meal time much easier. And we always hope to win prizes. Ohh well, better luck next time.

On Wednesday Libby and I had play group. I am working on getting her to play with other children. She is a watcher like her dad. She spent the majority of the time standing close to me or far from the other children. But when one of the moms brought in her 3 month old baby, Libby found herself a new mom with accessories i.e. baby, bottle, and burp rag. When this mom got up to leave Libby said “I go home with you” it was a fight to keep her with me.

Today has just been a relaxing day at home. I have not done much other than laundry. I did go through all of Libby’s clothes and pull the one that no longer fit out. I also went through the hand me downs and found I only need a few items to make her wardrobe complete. YEAH I saved money. I do need to hem the bottom of all the Capri’s she has little short legs. So that will be next week’s project.

Marshall took libby for a bike ride and they had a blast she looks so cute with her sunglasses on.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"I take care of Haley" Says Libby

My week should officially be over. I decided today I am staring my weekend tomorrow. Funny thing is that statement means nothing when you are a stay at home mom. OOOHHHH well.

We had a very busy week.

Last weekend we had dinner with 2 sets of friends. It was so nice to get together meet new people and have great food. As well as be able to clean the house top to bottom.

I can say that I have had 0 motivations to deep clean my house. I have a wonderful schedule that I made for myself, but I don’t follow it. So only the have to clean stuff gets taken care of. But because we had friends over it gave Marshall and I a very good reason to clean and clean well. We also rearranged a room or two. I am always glad for his help. An extra pair of cleaning hands makes the difference. Also I was again banned from using the vacuum when I accidentally sucked the bathroom shower curtain into the hose and then dropped the vacuum on my foot in surprise. The nice thing about cleaning day was that Libby helped clean the entire house she didn’t play with any on the toys but she helped put everything away. It was really a nice thing to see that she is growing up.

Well the rest of my week was spent at my mom’s house. My dad won top salesman for his company and they sent them to an award presentation in California and so I took care of Haley, TEEHEE. I was there to make sure Ian made it to and from practice and to be the adult making important decisions like what to eat for dinner.

Libby was very excited to be able to see Ian and Haley everyday. I forgot what a big job it is to be somewhere dressed, prepped, and already fed for the day and have a 2 year old functioning. But we managed to stay functioning and Libby loved being with Haley. I hope Haley loved being with Libby.

We were able to make it to the temple this week. I am really glad we did. It is always nice to find the time to have spiritual moments. Try to make time before the month is through to make it to the temple you really do benefit from going.

So some of the funny things that were said this week.

As we drove past the cow pastures home Libby says “ eewwee mom the cows have a poopy diaper”

Libby got a book bag from the Springville library and it was about snakes she absolutely loved this book bag. They had fabric snakes that Haley tied together and she played “jumping rope”. And it entertained her for hours.

As we walked to church she says “We need to find 3 blues clues mom” and we couldn’t keep walking until we had pointed to the invisible blues clues. It was pretty funny to watch her.

“Mom this chocolate milk is yucky” and then sniffs it and continues to down the cup until it’s all gone. Silly Libby.

She has spent the week coloring with Haley and has brought home some wonderful pictures for dad. I have to see her imagination going. She got Haley to play the piano. She ran around a bag in the living room singing and dancing and would ask Haley to play the piano “PLEASE”.

I am glad that I have my sewing machine back I have several projects that I have wanted to work on and couldn’t but it is better now and I am glad to have it back.

I promise that I do try to do Libby's hair every day.  She would rather have it in her face and down then in a ponytail.  So not my child.

I have done really well this week when I spend time with Libby I am making it more quality time and I am focusing more of my undivided attention to her. I have noticed that it makes her act really sweet. I love seeing her happy and it has been a really good learning experience for me.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Well where to start for my week. I am so glad that it is Thursday. I have just felt draggy for awhile and I hope that the warm weather will help me perk up a bit.

I will start with Friday night. We have good friends that are letting us borrow their bike trailer to see how Libby likes it. Well needless to say it was a big hit. I don’t know if it is the wind in her hair or the time spent with dad, or just being away from mom, or just getting to be outside. Maybe it’s all the above. I think that is on Marshall’s list of Have-to-haves. Good thing he has a bike.

I think that Libby is having a hard time focusing her anger on the correct thing. She was in her bed the other morning at 6:30am and I think she was cold but on the monitor all I hear is crying and then she starts to yell at me. “MOM, MOM, MOM… I HATE MY HOUSE” she says this several time before I can get to her and when I open the door her blankets are all twisted up and she was cold. For about a week and a half she is using “I hate…” when she is upset. She hates her mom when she wants to stay and spend time with dad, she hates Haley when we leave the stonehockers because she misses Haley, I hate my house, when she is cold. You get the idea, so I have been working on asking questions to get her to see she still loves those people she just misses them, doesn’t want them to leave. So much fun!?!?!

Mine! Mine! Mine!

2 of our close friends had babies this week. So congrats to them I am glad they are doing well!
both babies are just adorable

Baby Girl Haisley was 7lbs 6 oz born at 12:04 am on April 2, 2011

Baby Boy Taimalie Jimmer 7 lbs 8 oz April 6, 2011 9:01am
Taimalie (Ty-ma-lee-ay)
It means good fortune in Samoan.

We are so glad that both our friends are doing great. They are settling in to being moms of 2. I know are prayers go out to them. I am betting 2 is a big job and I know that they need Libby’s and my prayers because one is a big enough job.

We did take Libby to see baby Jimmer on Wednesday night (thanks for letting us come to the hospital, and bring our munchkin). I have not seen her around a baby in almost a year. She was so sweet. She kept telling me that this was her baby. He was however very much a little brother for someone else. She is just going to have to wait. I held the sleeping baby and Marshall held my little baby and she kept looking at him and saying “I want to be a baby too”. So ever so cutely he held her like an infant and she played like she was a sleeping baby for a good 5 min. It was totally picture worthy and like all the other times I forgot my camera. She did the same game at bedtime and we prayed and kissed her and pretended that she was our little baby and she was pretty cute about it too. And like most little babies she went right to sleep.

Today we went to see baby haisley at their house. They have a daughter that Libby plays with too. So the baby wasn’t as much of a novelty as last night but she still wanted to give the baby lots of kisses. For me it was nice, my child ran around someone else’s house and I got to hold a beautiful baby who did not make a peep the entire time I was there and was awake for 95% of my visit. I am glad that Libby entertained marenn, and moms could talk.

I am always glad when conference comes around. Being in nursery I only get a lesson when I listen to conference. So hearing something that makes you feel good inside is always a great thing. I got to listen to most of conference with a toddler the Lord perks your ears when it is especially for you and your family. I know several talks were made for me or my family members, so (hint, hint, hint) I hope you were listening. We got a call on Sunday morning after the 4-6 inches of snow we had that Marshalls sister had a broken tree in their front yard and they needed help clearing it out. When we got there it was a big job and I felt bad for Bristy. But it put our “work together and serve” into practice. It is always a good feeling to see that your family will always be there to help you out no matter what. And I am glad that Marshall’s family is that way.
My plan is to still open a Spanish fork Bountiful basket site. We are working on ALA but it will be a few more weeks so we are looking at May for 2 possible Spanish fork sites so keep your ears open and I will let you know.

Our adoption plan. It feels like life is something that I can’t have a plan for. Marshall can plan, my parents can plan, Marshall’s parents can plan, but if I plan it all goes awry. So I was planning on trying to go through a private agency to make our situation go a bit faster than it is now but once we saw how much it was going to be. I was sick. There is no way I could come up with another $30,000 to pay the adoption fees. So we are sticking with LDSFS adoption plan. It feels like life is something that I can’t have a plan for. Marshall can plan, my parents can plan, Marshall’s parents can plan, but if I plan it all goes awry. So I was planning on trying to go through a private agency to make our situation go a bit faster than it is now but once we saw how much it was going to be. I was sick. There is no way I could come up with another $30,000 to pay the adoption fees. So we are sticking with LDSFS. It may take a while but we can have family experiences (using money) now rather than wait 6 years before we can afford it.

There is the long and the short of it all.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

New Blog

I started a new blog based on bountiful baskets.  I have put together my Menu based on what came in my basket.

check it out