Friday, November 19, 2010


Play-do … so I am still pretty hesitant to pull out the play-do. It is a big undertaking but I tried. Here is Libby having a blast playing with the scissor that comes with the play-do.

Well after my canning experience last week I took on Fried chicken…its easy… but our house smelled like yams and fried chicken for several days, sorry Marshall but boy was it a great dinner thanks to Marshall's mom we have a great drenching mixture and I can make a chicken breast for all three of us go for 2 meals or more.

New bed. Well Libby will be getting a new bed at Christmas thanks to Bristy for the info. Deciding on a new bedspread was harder than I thought. I figured she would want a Dora set. NO Dora, No Princess, No woody, buzz. She did not want anything. So off to the fabric store we went to find some material to make one. At the store Again NO to everything. While I was walking down one of the isle she turns and says “mom look butterflies. I want butterflies” so I took it and ran. I have it all put together and waiting for the backing and to be quilted with butterflies in the blocks(next weeks project) but every time she sees it she says “look mom butterflies their beautiful” Yeah her big Christmas present is almost done and I am glad. Speaking of Christmas I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. All I have left is Marshall and Libby. The entire extended family is done. And I was under budget; I found the stuff I wanted on sale yeah!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Try, and if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again!

Libby was one of our "if at first you don't succeed try, try, again". She has been our little blessing. Some days I don't know if I always, have fun, but she says little things like "mom I love you!" and " Mom Your Beautiful" then your heart melts, except at bedtime when you know she just wants to play a bit longer.

Marshall is an avid Football player and watcher so here it to the second place team. They worked hard, played hard and had fun doing it I hope. Here is this years shirt.
Awwww now to my "if at first you don't succeed" . Well..... UMMM......You see......
My yams .......huuuuuhhhh......... So they exploded. The explosion was my fault. I did not put enough water in the bottom of the pressure cooker. When I realized that the water was gone I only had 30 min left to cook them. I opened up the cooker and thought "hum if i add more water I should still be able to finish this". So to my not thinking I added room temp water to the pot. It touched the jar and !!!BANG!!! glass everywhere and hours of hard work just at a stand still. Sooooooo needless to say, first time canning, ask for help don't just try. Next time I am going to get help. So if anyone knows what I can do to make the last 3 cans of yummy yams still usable, I could really use some advice.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

2 years old! Wow!!!

Well most people on their kids birthday spotlight them so... I'm a bit late like almost 2 months. so here is just a bit about our Libby Rose.

She still is our petite little girl she is 23 lbs with her clothes on
She loves Hot Dogs (she would eat them for every meal if I would let her.)
She loves Dora
She has baby that goes with us into every store. yes it is naked I cant keep clothes on her babies. To the women who was criticizing me at the store... at least it is a girl baby and not a boy(Marshall's great come back).
She loves to sing "ashes ashes we all fall down"
She loves to hop around the house
She loves to feed daddy her fake donut on a plate every chance she gets
She loves Olivia, backyardagains, Mrs spiders sunny patch friends, and Dora, sometimes even go Diego go.
She loves going to nursery
She loves puzzles
She loves smoothies
She loves baskets(or things that hold other things)
She Loves her grandpa (both are her favorite)

So there is a bit about our little silly goose.