Thursday, July 12, 2012

please touch museum part 1

There was an entire area just for water.  The kids could make it rain, move boats around or play with the ducks.  she enjoyed the ducks.    We then went and looked in a tree house that had bugs that were magnified! She likes to look at bugs but that's about all!

The little kid piano was perfect size for her but the "Big" piano was marshals favorite.  I should have taken the picture when Marshall was on it too.  There was the canoe with a "snake" in it. But the 3 little bears cottage was pretty fun she set the bears up several times in there chairs.

the little houses were the history of a specific type of toy.  There were doll houses action heroes space men.
Then we went to the carousel  we took turns being in the pictures.

Then there is the actual carousel.  I don't do good going round in circles and do even worse watching.  the nice driver let both Marshall and I on for free. Libby loved every minute of it.  Me on the other hand should not have gone on the ride