Monday, May 11, 2009

8 Months Old this Week

Libby figured out how to get into the basket this morning she was talking up a storm and I went to check on her and this is what she was doing.
I think its almost time to start piano lessons with aunt haley.

she finds those stairs when dad is up stairs asleep then stands at the bottom yelling for him.

anyhting she isn't supposed to get is always the first thing to be got.

sorry its been a while I have not had the camera out as often as I should. Well since easter libby has learned to say mom and da and baba, she also knows how to go up the stairs and eat potato bugs thanks to taggert. she is eating lots of food. loves fruit and veggies (all of them) but not chicken and broth. we cant eat food without her she gets mad. we are having fun and looking forward to those nice days for walks.
Marshall finished his spring class and we are very proud of him he go a 4.o I know that he worked hard in those 4 classes to get good grades and Libby and I are very happy for him. But sadly he started his summer block of classes. he is taking 12 credits that means 2 classes at a time mon, tues, wed, ans thurs from 6-9 pm from now till middle of june then 8am-1pm mon, wed, friday, classes from the end of june til august. So we will be glad to have the saturdays off but we will not see marshall as often as week would like. but so is life of a college student.