Friday, June 29, 2012


Our last leg of the trip was in Philly.  We were there for graduation we were there for 4 days but only really had 1 touring day.  We started out at the center of town.  Caught a tour bus and headed to see the sights.  This was the only time we toured with marshals mom and dad.  We planed on staying on the bus the entire day with them but when we came to the "please touch museum" we changed our minds.  At the end of the day I was very glad we went to the kids museum.  But here are the few touring pictures we had.

all of us on the tour bus!

 Marshall and I started a tradition our first trip we took.  bring home a mug. problem was that mugs are big and breakable. We really hadn't decided what we wanted to collect of our trips until libby saw the "penny machine" that squishes your penny and puts a picture on it.  We officially are collectors of pennies.  we would let her pick and then make her work really hard and turn the wheel.  She loved it.  We now have a book with 9 or 10 pennies.


We were able to squeeze in for a picture with the bell. it was pretty cool to see it up close and personal.  The building that houses it has lots of interesting facts about it.  I love that part the best.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White House

We went to the white house on our last day in DC.  this time we could get right up to the fence.  

libby was having fun playing on the fence.

We took several pictures and then walked around to the other side of the white house.

outside on the back side of the white house you could get really close to the actual house. 
We saw several snipers on the roof.  So I took a picture 

Seeing it in person it was awesome! My uncle could have helped us get a tour inside had I thought to ask him.  Oh well that will have to be our plan the next time we go!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

the zoo!!

In our trip planning we knew that Libby could only do so many adult museums before she was done.  so we tried to make sure that every other activity was geared towards her or that we spent 1 day doing fun Libby things.

one of those such activities was the ZOO!!!

not only was it free but we were staying about .70 miles away from the entrance.  

Now let me explain about Washington DC, DuPont circle.  it is on a "hill"  which seemed like a 20 degree angle.  now the zoo was really on a hill it was closer to 30 degree angle.  I would describe the zoo as being built on the side of a very large hill the entrance is at the top and all the kids stuff is at the bottom of the hill.

my uncle had suggested that we take the metro up past the zoo and walk "down" the hill to the zoo and then walk to the bottom on the zoo and work back up the hill to see everything.

as we walked into the zoo and down the never ending hill we really felt out of shape.  Libby kept telling us she felt fine but she rode in the stroller the entire time.  

We found this little park about 2 blocks from my uncles place the last 2 days.  We really wish we had found it a week and a half earlier! she spent almost 2 hours playing hard on the play ground.  She climbed the rock wall and then tried to do the monkey bars by herself.  she is growing up fast!! 

We went to the American History Museum and as we walked around we came face to face with a piece of Church history!!!! We couldn't believe it!!!  So we took a picture to prove it.  Funny thing is that marshals parent had been in there the day before and totally missed it. 
Marshall and I were excited to see Kermit since Libby didn't really know who he was!

Marshall wanted to create the WTC and had lots of fun playing in the kids section Libby played with slinky, potato head, and etch a sketch. 

We got to see the hope Diamond.  It was amazing!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tribute to Fallen Officers

My Maternal grandfather was a Missouri Highway Patrolmen some 33 years ago.  While On duty he was hit by a drunk driver and then a week later died from those injuries.  While in Washington DC it was law enforcement week (?? on the title of the week ).  We happened to come across the memorial and were shocked to see a plaque that had is name and info on it.  so we took the opportunity to pay our respects and took pictures for my grandma so she could have the memorial picture.

First we had to find his name on the register so we knew where to look  when we got there the laminated plaque was there and I was in tears.  

Libby wanted to "color" his name on her picture 

 I know that several photographers took our picture and asked about our story, but I haven't seen anything online.

I never knew my grandfather here on earth but I know that we had a special bond in heaven.  My Mom tells me that I asked about him all the time, when I was a young toddler.  She has no doubt that those that have passed on to the other side help care for our families.   I was grateful for the opportunity I had to see that those fallen officers are not forgotten, That their memories live on in more then their families.