Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sorry Busy week

Life is busy and Libby was sick on Thursday and all she wanted was for mom to hold her.  so I did not get to blog then Friday was spent running errands.  so here is a single picture I took today of Libby getting ready to help dad in the yard.  she really is funny. 

I sure do love her Most of the time.  there are those random moments when you wonder why God would punish you with a two year old.  Then they look at you and say "I love you Mom, Your my best friend". and your heart melts.

She really is my special little girl!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graduation, Anniversary,

Our Home study went well. We still like each other (Marshall and I). We live close to things that kids might like. We have sufficient space to house another child (all our crap, who knows where it will go). And we have the necessary fire extinguisher that is required, so all you good parents better have one too because I have to have one. When all is said and done I am glad I don’t have to worry for another year.

Friday we took off and left our daughter with family so we could enjoy a weekend away for our anniversary, oh wait we spent it at graduation silly me. We had a wonderful plan and it was thwarted by stupid traffic. We dropped Libby off 20 min later than planned and then we got stuck. Or plan was to go to the cheesecake factory for dinner. They need call ahead seating. So when the wait would be 1 ½ hours we opted for Texas road House and let me tell you FABULOUS!!! We got the royal treatment. I was stuffed before my plate had arrived. Then we were headed to a Brigham City hotel (to be closer to USU for my brother’s graduation ceremony). It was a pile but cheap. We were glad that we didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to drive up there instead we got in late and got up at the usual time. To make our story even more exciting we stayed at the same hotel as my family who would be going to the graduation with us. (Anniversary, trip, awkwardness).

Saturday we spent the day at Joe and Lance’s Graduation ceremony. Marshall did regret that he didn’t walk, because none of his family will get to see him make that big achievement. I am proud of him. Afterwards when we were taking pictures Joe was nice and let Marshall Put on his cap and gown and we took pictures. We cheated a bit but does anyone really care how I got his graduation pictures.

It was nice to be able to be with all my family minus the grandkids (glad that we didn’t have to deal with ornery and noisy kids all day). What a great time. It is always nice to spend time with people you love and respect. I have fun seeing how everyone has grown and developed and that we all get along is really nice.

Mother’s day came and went and I have no really strong emotions about it and I am glad it is over.

I love when Bunco comes around. Once a month, I get to enjoy time with some wonderful women, and play a game and eat really great food. I don’t often take time for just me but this is always a must. I like having people my age and some that have the same struggles as I do. I love being able to talk and work through children’s issues with people who have been there and done that. Thanks to the wonderful women at Bunco.

Our Actual Anniversary. We have officially made it 6 years. Some days it seems like forever then others it seems like yesterday. Marshall surprised me with dinner and movie out on the town. We ate at my favorite restaurant brick oven and we went to a movie something borrowed. We laughed and talked and enjoyed our night out. I love Marshall more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. I am grateful for the time we have together and for all he does for me. He truly is drives me each day to be a better person.

Then there is the news about Bountiful baskets. I have been working hard and bugging a ton of people to try and open up a distributing site here in Spanish fork. Well as of Tuesday I have permission to use ALA a school near my home. I am very excited and glad to have that out of the way now come the hard part. Starting Saturday may 21 we will be open and ready to go. I am a bit nervous and a bit excited. So if you want to know more (Marshall says your crazy and don’t get me started) let me know.

dont forget to check out my recipe page.  PS pictures are to come.  I am requesting them from the family since they remembered their cameras and I forgot.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bountiful baskets

Just a make my day thought.

On Monday after my day had been shot.  the people who run the facebook page posted a link to my bountiful baskets blog.  In 1 hour I had 1000 views and 20 new followers.  I do post once a week either Saturday, Sunday or Monday after I got my basket.

I am now up over 2100 views and I just wanted to let you all know how happy that made me.  the cool part was that from all those views our adoption site had more hits from people off my food blog. YEAH!!!

that's all

My week

I have had the week from heck. I knew coming into the week that it might become difficult, had I known how bad I might not have gotten up some days this past week.

Friday- My counter top arrived. YEAH!!!! They look wonderful and I absolutely love them. I can’t believe that we waited this long. Marshall surprised me on Easter Sunday and told me that it was a happy mother’s day/ anniversary/ Easter gift. I hope I get a card or something on mother’s day too (hint, hint). Because they use smelly glue and it has to sit for 24 hours we had a go out to eat 24 hours. We had lunch picnic style in the living room with Libby and she loved that. And she got to have a sleep over with Haley. She was really excited about it. And we learned that Libby is a big sleep talker. Now I know why I can’t sleep listening to the monitor.

My beautiful Princess with her dress, crown,
shoes, braclets and Your Majesty curtsy!

Wed had a nice dinner out at the Art City Trolley. We love their salads they are to die for. And then of to play games with Marshalls boss. What a nice experience for us. It gave us the push we needed to make our new goals. I am glad that we did that. Other than it was a late night getting home (2am) I am not a late night person. Then add to that, we were needed in bountiful the next morning to help my brother and his wife move. UGH

But it was nice to see the family. And I was glad for the ride with Marshall (I slept the way up and we got to talk the way back).

Once we got back we had to put the kitchen back together. Easy, Simple, Fast, NO WAY. Not only did the installers scratch my wall they pinched the hose between the top of the base cabinet and the granite. And we couldn’t move the hose to pull the dishwasher out, oh and the hose was leaking a bit too. So 6 hours later. We took Marshalls parents to dinner for taking their entire Saturday away for our project.

Thanks to my parents on Sunday we called it a "relax away from family day". Marshall had to do the final for his class and Libby enjoyed the family time we got to have.

On Monday I made the calls. Fence problems and the countertop install problems. The fence people want to talk with Marshall and I think he doesn’t want to deal with them (non confrontational). The countertop guys, they came back to see the problem, and broke my cabinet door. I don’t know what to say other than don’t expect a referral from us. I don’t even want them to come back so I did not bother to call and complain.

On Tuesday Libby was invited to her first birthday party. Thanks Tyler. She had so much fun playing at the park. Some teenagers went to the swing set she had been playing on and she had no problem going over there and asking them to help her swing after she told them they were her swings first. But pizza cupcakes and fruit were a big birthday hit. She got a gift bag to take home and loved the little eatable necklace and Dora towel that she got.

We have been Relaxing (right) since the party and have been preparing for our annual home study from our case worker. So I decided to take a min and update my blogs before she gets here this afternoon.

So that’s my week glad it is almost over.

OHHH I forgot the best part.

We ate corn on the cob it was fantastic!!! Like mother like daughter!
 I sat and watched the Royal Wedding. AHHH I love a fairytale story. And loved watching and seeing all the wonderful wedding stuff. It was wonderful.  If you like to talk amazing call me no one other than my mom and sister have said they watched it.

PS.  Dont forget to look at my recipe page