Saturday, September 28, 2013

Girls having fun

August 18-22
In my parents back yard is a peach tree.  And there was a plethora of peaches that were ready to eat.  So we put some peaches in the mesh bag and Reese went to town on the peaches she ate a whole peach and was mad when I took it away to refill the bag.  she was sticky and gross by the end but she had a full tummy.  and she got a nice bath afterwards.

So I splurged and bought a  book set from a traveling door to door dales girl.  The very next day I went and bought a no soliciting sign that went up immediately.  The books are amazing and I would totally buy them again (except I would look for them used instead, they were a bit pricey).  Libby has loved them because they answer the WHY questions.  There are 14 books and she will sit for a long time just looking at the pictures.
 Hanging out

 Libby thought it would be funny to see if Reese could balance a bowl on her head (which she can if she is sitting).  But when on the floor she was just rolling with laughter at the game Libby had created.  it was like peekaboo but with a bowl.

then Libby got out her barbies and Reese crawled quickly over to play too.  So Libby gave her a "little  doll that she could play with (the princess and the frog doll had recently lost an arm on accident in Libby's mouth so it was now Reese's toy)  Reese absolutely loves it. 

 They are always happy when they are together.  As soon as Libby walks in the room Reese Lights up.  They usually will play for hours together.

Friday, September 20, 2013

our visitor

My Mom had a friend from New York come for education week her daughters arrangements fell through and we graciously helped her for a day.  Natalie is 11 and has downs syndrome.  She and Libby had so much fun playing together  that they spent 2 days together.  I am not sure all the things they did at my moms house but here were a few pictures we took of our many activities for the day.

After coloring they had snack time, then they played play-dough, lunch then watched a movie, made easy bake oven cookies, and ate all of them.  Then we met up with Marshall and took them to the dinosaur museum at thanks giving point. 

 They had a lot of fun and Libby was sad to see her go.

Monday, September 16, 2013

the story of the cereal

Once upon a time at 3 in the morning Libby snuck a box of Shreddies cereal into her room and ate a whole bunch of it.  Sad thing was that Little sister Reese woke up from all the rustling and crunching sound that it made.  So the Wonderful, Happy, Awesome, Beautiful mom came (not storming) down and told Libby she had to sleep on the couch because she didn't know how to be quiet.  And that mommy told her if she moved she was burnt toast.  so several hours later (like 6) the happy rested mom came down to find both of her children still fast asleep.  Libby on the couch and Reese in her bed.  
The end!!!

THey were so well rested after that they played all morning and laughed.

 We were invited to go to the splash pad with the fiso's and had a blast while we were there.  Reese loved playing in the little stream she kicked and kicked her feet and libby had a lot of fun splashing around.  When we were getting ready to leave she rolled down the very little hill and her butt ended in a big mud puddle.  I laughed and she freaked out.  but hey there was lots of water to wash it all off.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Playing at grandmas house

Sundays are spent at grandparents houses.  One week is the Hooper's and the next the Stonehocker's.  We have been doing this for all our married life.  The nice thing is that we get to see our family.  And our moms are the best and cook us Sunday dinner.  
This Sunday was the Hooper's Sunday and it was after the blessing and we had a lot of rolls and meat left over so we offered to be in charge of dinner.   When we got there grandpa had out his new toy!!!! Libby was so excited to be able to take it for a spin!.
Grandpa and Grandma took the little ones and Marshall(for safety reasons) for a ride.  You should have heard the squeals of delight.  Reese took a nice nap and I stayed back.

 Andy and Bill offered to feed Reese her dinner and they had way more fun 
than I usually do.  I loved the look on her face.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sealing Day August 24th 2013

I woke this morning with anticipation overload!  There are only a few days in my life that I have felt this way.  The day I married Marshall.  The morning after giving birth to Libby as I looked at how perfect she was.  The First moment I looked at Reese and KNEW that she was ours.  SOOOOO here we are 6 month (ish) from the time Reese was placed in our arms by Jada and Nick.  We have finalized with the court which was a wonderful experience.  But today... Today we get to take our beautiful Reese to the temple and have her sealed to us.  Having had libby in the covenant is a great thing.  But I think there are no words to describe the feeling I have to take Reese to the temple to bring her completely into our family.

I look at both of my girls and feel so blessed that the Lord entrusted them into my care.  To watch over, to teach and to Love.

I can say that I have an inkling of knowledge of how the Savior feels for us.

Being a mother isn't always easy but I know with the Lords guidance we can be better then we ever hoped for.

In preparation for this momentous day my girls both get to wear temple dresses.  So I took apart MY wedding dress and made dresses for both of them.  To see them in it makes my heart overfill with joy.  Not only will reese be sealing the Mount Timpanogas Temple,  But they will be in my wedding dress.

As I was sitting in the sealing room and the officiator was explaining the importance of us being there.  He informed the group that we had asked Lisa, Jada's stepmom to hold reese and participate in the ceremony with us.  It was so touching to all in the room.  There was not a dry eye.  You could feel the spirit so strongly,  Reese was quiet and happy and well behaved.  

We were so lucky that Both Nick and Jada, and their families could be there.  They are amazing People.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wedding dress to Temple dresses

Here are the Before and Afters for my wedding dress to the girls Blessing/Temple dresses.
First I have to thank my grandma Cindy Lou Price for spending 15-20 hours working on these dresses. she helped me make the most amazing dresses.  I wore this beautiful dress the day marshall and I were married in the temple and then 8 years later I was able to have both my girls wear it in the temple to have Reese sealed to us.

GG (that would be Great Grandma) said that she must have flowers to be a bride!

So I took my dress apart.  the bodice I left alone and didnt use.  It would have been too much work to use.  I DID use my skirt for Libby's dress and the veil was Reese's dress.
I thought that the dresses needed some bling ( which turned out to make it look amazing) .
So I went to Quilted bear and found head bands but couldnt decided which one I liked best.  So Reese got the first one for her dress and another one to wear, the middle one was nixted and the 3rd one we cut off the lace and put it on Libbys dress. 

Grandma price and I spent some 15-20 hours together, making these dresses.  We hand stitched a bunch, Unpicked A LOT. And got teary eyed over how perfect the dresses looked.   Then I realized that I didn't get pictures of us sewing so the last day I got a few.

 I will let you guess how easy it was to work with Libby to make the skirt work.  She wanted to spin and twirl  and play with the skirt, she wanted to put her hands on her head, slump her shoulders and do anything but stand straight and still.  if she had we could have done it in less than 8 min instead she stood there for some 30 min pitching a fit.  But in the end we got it all sorted out.  She looked amazing.

       Reese's dress made from the veil                                  Libby's Dress made from the skirt