Friday, August 30, 2013


Sometimes I wish that I had a fantastic camera and great photographer skills.  
Sadly this is what you get. 

Wednesday August 7th at 9:30 am.  Reese Ann Hooper was by the ruling of Judge James Taylor became an official member of our family. 

Heading to the court house.

When we got to the court house everyone was already there. 

After the judge signed the adoption decree he came and shook our hands and took pictures

 We are so grateful for the support we have felt from our family and Taylor ;-)  This was such a momentous day and to be surrounded by our family meant the world to us.

 L-right: Andy, Shelby, holding Boston, Bristy, Denise, Angela, Lance, Judge James Taylor, Marshall, Brittany holding Reese, Eldon, Cynthia, Lori, Taylor.
Kids in the front: Tag, Trey, Libby, Brevin, Braddock

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Moving day for the girls

We  decided that the girls should share a room.   I woke up to this on the monitor .  

I must be crazy.  But I did it all by my lonesome self. I moved Libby into 
reese room... Now referred to as the girls room.

I turned libby's room into the play room And moved the big baby toys into that room as well.  
the closet that marshall crafted for playroom storage before libby was born works perfectly to hold all the toy crap we have.  I just made sure that everything has a bin now and what didn't was tossed...unknown to libby she wont miss stuff she hasn't seen in like forever...right????  the top 2 shelfs need a little help but I got tired and will organize those another day. 

I made a Reading spot she loves it.   Reese will sit in her jumper-roo for
hours just watching Libby play.

 The girls room.  Just need to be redecorated ( with items I already have)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Reese went to her 6 month appointment and came back with shots.

She is growing and developing great.  She is doing all the things she should be.  
her belly button hernia is almost gone so that is great.  She has a very high pain tolerance.  When she got her shots she cried for just a min and then she didn't cry about it again.  Libby did everything in her power to make reese happy after her shots.  

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Birthday the Big 31 I think

So Marshall did a great job surprising me for my birthday.  

during a golf tournament he won a free 60 min massage.  He was super excited because
 he knew I would love it.  He then found someone to stay with Reese over night.  Libby was already at grandma camp so a BIG thanks to my mother in law for planning the perfect day.  So he took me shopping at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain  which I totally scored and spent 40$ and got 5 items.  I know that both 
of the pants I bought were originally over $90 each.   I was so glad I scored Big.  Marshall then took me out to dinner to a new restaurant ( one we have never tried)  Buca di Beppo.  We had a great time and they even sang to me.  After which we went to a nice bed 
and Breakfast called "Inn on the Hill"  we stayed in the wasatch room.  This was our view when we got 
there that night.

They provided a fantastic breakfast and we decided to eat on our balcony.  It was a beautiful morning and the breakfast was excellent.  I wish we could have sat there all day.

It was an amazing Birthday, Marshall did a great job and has lots to live up to for years to come.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

grandma camp 2

Here are pictures from my mother-in-law from grandma camp I will do my best to 
give good description.

Addie was one of the camp helpers grand kids over 12 get to help plan.
some kind of invention I still don't know what it was used for. 
the table full of odds and ends and the bottom left of the photo is some of the milk containers she collected.  I had to find a recycle bin for them afterwards. 

Coloring for the opening of camp

 at the Art Museum

After the art museum grandma took the kids to the springville splash pad that is super awesome.  The kids ate their lunches there (sandwiches grandma made before hand)

The big boys (the helpers trey, logan, Jacob) probably their last year.

Addie playing with Boston
taggert Hanging out with Libby

Trying to make something.  Every project had a form they would fill out.
They would write down what they did and how it turned out.  
Then how they made it work if they could make it work.  

Part of grandma camp is sleeping in a tent.  The kids love this.
Libby sleeping on the couch
The big project was a water feature Brett came and helped them put it together.

They created their own kind of mac and cheese.  I am betting Libby had hers plain.
Logan made a catapult.  and shot marshmallows  looks like it was a big hit.

Making Minions they had a ton of fun.

Played catch with milk cartons.

The adults making our inventions