Thursday, October 28, 2010


Marshall and Libby have a few special things that they do together. Things that mom either isn't allowed or does not want to participate in. Smoothie making is one of those special things. We came up with a way to get Libby to eat something other than peaches and apple sauce. The "Ninja" provided that. Libby loves to help and has to help when she sees the "Ninja". SO thanks for the gift mom it has been one of the best and most used.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day of Creativity

This day was our adventuresome day. I decided no TV all day. Which really is a great thing. But with a toddler I decided today that some TV is not bad. Having a routine is Great. So we have been trying out some new activities. So here was our Wednesday:

-Got up and ate breakfast

-got dressed and ready to go grocery shopping

-Went shopping (uuuggg I know its my favorite kind of shopping but only when there is money galore in your purse to pay for all the wonderful items. Budgeting can be a bummer sometimes)

-played on the swings and slide at the new park in town. (it was a blast I really like it.)

-Decided that we should do the park first and shopping second next time(bribe with the free cookies from the bakery)

-home for lunch.

-Made Homemade Pizzas! (which Libby refused to eat a bite. poor Brittany had to eat both pizzas)

-*****NAP TIME YEAH*****

-Did my chores

-Libby woke up and we made Fruit loop and pasta necklaces (thanks for the idea Ash)

-went for a walk (to those who don't know this really is a big thing for me )

-went to visit and have dinner with grandma Stonehocker(my parents had leftover stew yummy, Libby did not eat it, to bad.)

-off to watch my fantastic hubby play flag football(I don't know if he won or not?? they had some touchdowns but so did the other team...oh well, not my job to keep score luckily I am just the athletic supporter. HEHEHE )

-then home for bed at 8.

Jut a little FYI... this is not a typical day at the Hooper household. We usually read books listen to music, color pictures and sit on the couch all day. Don't think I will be this creative and busy again for a long while.

So here are a few of the pictures I took of our adventuresome day.

Necklace Making

she did the majority by herself.
She also ate a ton of fruit loops.

she tried to share with me. I am not a big fruit Loop fan.

She cheese it all the time

All Done with the necklace.
Already to devouring the yummy treat.

Pizza Pie

I showed her how to make the crust a
circle and she did her own crust.

She scooped her own sauce onto the crust

She had fun putting cheese on both pizzas.

All Finished and boy it tasted good. I am sad she did not like it
I think it was too hot and then she just was not in the mood for
pizza after all. Marshall says pizza could be eaten once a week
you could still be in the mood for pizza.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


My grandma Cindy Lou takes all of her grandchildren every fall to Hee Haws. This was our first year because Libby has been too little and susceptible to every bug. So we got to go as a family and have a fun date. Thanks Grandma.

Marshall and Libby Shooting the Corn Cannon.

any kind of animal is fun to look at

Libby loves to look at horses but this is as close as she will get to riding one

Don't worry Marshall had fun too.
Libby went with Brisa on the animal train ride she loved it

Peter Pan's " following the leader" comes to mind on this shot
she wanted to follow the big boys where ever they went it was cute.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Libby Loves to smile for the camera! Here are a few from the past week or so. Check out the cute Hair do. She is a Mini Me.
She was sitting watching Dora or Olivia and had her arm resting on the chair and her face in her hand. it was pretty cute I think it was almost nap time and she was winding down.

I did braids and she sat there the entire time without even moving

I was interrupting her Dora show to take this picture

This one is today's Look. the braided piggy tails, t
he "I heart dad" shirt and the mom smile.
cant beat that for her cheeses.

Moms Little Helper

I decided to start young! Libby will be cooking sooner than you think. She Likes to help make pancakes already!

then there is any time that something is in the oven she has to get on her "gloves" because it is "HOT"

She is such a great helper...when she wants to be. She is a lot of fun to have around and I am glad that I get to spend my days being her buddy.