Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Libby's birthday party

Birthday Party fun.
For Libby's birthday we went with a baking theme.  We started out by decorating their aprons, and making chefs hats.  they all seemed to have fun doing that.  We decorated(frosted) sugar cookies, we dipped pretzel rods in chocolate and candy, we decorated some cupcakes, and did a cake walk. a PiƱata, and cake.  They got to take home the chef hat, apron, and box of treats they decorated. I was super glad that we asked Lance and Angela to come and help us.  Libby seemed to have a great time with her friends.  Birthday guests included: ava, sydney, katelyn, austin, gabby, Rhett, Nora, Brevin, Braddock and  Libby.

Monday, October 14, 2013

the dentist

So I helped my mom and picked out a new bedspread for Haley's old room(downstairs)  she had visitors coming and needed one fast so I got this really pretty black and white one.  I need to make this pillow to go with it but it will be really cute when it is finished

Libby had a dentist appointment and she really loves going to the dentist.  

Maybe its because she never has cavities (YAHOO!!!!)  They have a movie to watch and headphones so she can hear.  Reese sat in her car seat the entire time and didn't make a peep.

I really love how well this office does with little kids.  They make it fun and VERY fast.  they have tokens for kids to get a toy or a ride the mechanical  pony.  Because she didn't have a cavity she got a free ice cream from sonic.  I highly recommend this office for little kids they are fantastic

St george Trip

We go to St George every year in sept/oct.  We stay in our condos there (which we love) and then go to a play at the Tuachan.  this year we went down sep 22-24th 
We had a nice drive down, we stopped and saw Jada and took her to lunch.  we saw her place and met some friends.  
On monday morning Marshall got up early and went golfing with my dad who happened to be there for work that week.  I got up and realized I hadn't packed any contacts.  Let me tell you that was one of those I don't know what I was thinking moment.   so after we got my contacts (it was 2 pm) we took libby (because she had been fabulous all morning) to a nearby park and nature reserve type place.  and we fed the ducks and let her ride her bike all over the place.

 Reese enjoyed the scenery and her bottle, and Marshall and Libby fed the ducks for 30 min.

Look I am in a picture!!

Look there was a turtle in the duck pond!!

This is how we walk when you bring that bad stroller and you have a sleeping baby

Libby and I are sitting on the couch hanging out watching tv all morning and eating healthy snacks.

 So Grandpa Stonehocker worked in St george and offered to help us watch Reese (sleep) while we took Libby to the play.