Friday, March 29, 2013

Big Helper

Libby was feeling bit unloved since I have been taking lots of pictures of Reese and hardly any of her.  So I wanted to share with everyone how wonderful of a girl Libby is!

She has several chores she "gets" to do everyday... well almost everyday.

She has yellow ones-- get dressed, brush teeth, make bed, brush hair.
And then purple ones-- water the plants, set the table, clean up room, pick up the living room, unload the dishes, put the shoes away, and clean the bathroom.

Well on this particular day she was doing all of her chores fast so we could do something special together.  And I got pictures to show how great of a cleaner she really is!



One of the rewards for the day was a brand new puzzle and she put it together without any help!!! I was super proud of her!  The next was to go to the park to play!

 Reese fell asleep and Libby and I loved the nice Weather

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Graduation and Smiles all around

Congratulations are in order to my Brother Joe (the one with the hat and wanna-be beard ;-p).  He passed his final nursing exam and is officially a nurse.  We went to dinner as a family to celebrate (minus Ian, he wasn't cool enough because of his mullet).  He currently has several applications in to several schools to go on to be a nurse practitioner.  Here's to hoping he makes it into Hawaii (for my vacation reasoning's of course)

Reese is 6 weeks and she has started to Smile!!!! :)

Big sister Libby holding Reese trying to get her ready to go to sleep!

I love having her sleep, she is so cute!!!
And you probably won't see too many pictures of me since I always take the pictures.
But I had a great cuddle moment with Reese at grandma Hooper's house and it took me 5 min to flag someone down to come take a picture.

Tummy Time - she quickly rolled to her side and stayed in that position for a long time!

I love this picture!  We wrap her when she sleep and she buries herself in the blanket every time.  
Good thing my monitor has a movement sensor on it!!

When Libby is talking to Reese she just lights up!

Libby wanted to cuddle just like Reese! Mommy just wanted everyone to take a nap!

 At my moms for a quick visit and she smiled up the house!!  

We had a relaxing afternoon! She just slept! Loved it!

I loved theses faces!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Visits with Reese's Birth Families

Our first stop of the day was to Nick's house!
Birth Fathers Parents

I didn't get my camera out in enough time to get Nick holding Reese.  
I did however get a horrible picture of Nick and his sister! 

Love this picture!

Reese was content to lay on the ground & listen to everyone coo at her.  
But when libby came close she had to look for her.

Libby was showing her a book on the ipod and she was talking to Reese.  You can see how much she loves her sister!

Next we went and visited Jada's Family

Jada Sat and cuddled with Reese for a long time, it was so special to watch!

Looks great in yellow!!

 Porter got to hold her.  Reese started crying and I suggested he  sing "I am a child of God" and as soon as he started singing she settled right down.

You can see the Love this family has for Reese.  
I pray that she will always remember that she is loved by many!!!