Monday, May 27, 2013

May 6-10

Libby loves to read to Reese.  Every once in a while she will come out of her room with a stack of books and lay down on the floor next to her and "read" the stories to her. 

Reese has become so smiley lately!  Anytime someone new comes in the room she will stare them down for a while with her furrowed brow and once she is comfortable with them she will give them the biggest smile and flail uncontrollably. 

Brittany had a jewelry show at the house for Mother's Day and Libby loves to get all glamored for the occasion and by the end of the day she will have on several pairs of jewelery.

Libby is such a sweetheart.  One day she was rubbing Brittany's feet like she was a queen.  She even pulled out the lotion to make it extra special :)

For our Anniversary & Mother's Day Brittany got a ring with a pink Diamond!  A very small portion of the business that Marshall's company does is to place diamond under extreme heat and extreme pressure and make them more beautiful.  To learn more about these stellar diamonds click here here.  Oh, and by the way, she said it was the best Mother's Day ever :)

May 1st - 5th

Libby loves to pick the lint out or her toes whenever she takes her socks off.  Well apparently she has recently discovered that her belly button at times has lint as well.  She picked at it so much that it started to get a little red from the irritation.  During this time she was eating Ramen Noodles one day and had some crumbs fall into her lap and belly.  She started to panic and informed Brittany that she did not want to eat any more because she was so full that the noodles were now starting to come out of her belly button.  We're not sure if she got this confused with recently learning that babies are fed through their belly button in the womb or what, either way, it provided us with a great laugh!

Quite often when Reese wakes from a nap Libby will run in her room and entertain her until one of us can come in and get her.  She does this by grabbing her stool and standing next to the crib and talking to her.  She will also grab some toys that make noise and put them right in the crib.  This seemed to be a cute act of love that shows her desire to help out, until she told me one day "did you know that I can climb into Reese's bed all by myself?"

Libby was so excited that Reese was finally big enough to sit up in her Bumbo chair.  The sad thing is that Libby is still small enough to fit in it herself!

Marshall fell asleep at his Mom's and Libby placed a flower in his ear.  She loves to pick flowers but sometimes forgets that she needs to ask first.  (Our tulips didn't last long this year!)

Cinco de Mayo was on a Sunday this year, a Sunday that we were at the Hooper's for dinner.  So of course we had to have a pinata to celebrate!  The kids enjoyed putting the pinata head on their own heads just as much as the candy.  Libby also put it on her hand and called it a puppet!