Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Bike!

Libby got a new bike!  She was super excited because she got to pick out herself.  So of course it has all the bells and whistles, almost literally!  It has the Disney princesses on it and a basket for her to put her water bottle and flowers in.  It also has the tassels and a bell.  

Reese is getting better at holding her head up and she loves sitting in this excersaucer and her bouncy seat.

This was Libby's sad attempt at building a fort!
So later that day when some of her cousin's came over they helped build a "real" fort and they watched a movie from inside!

Birthday Party/Marshall's fall

Libby's cousin Izaiah had his Birthday party at Chucky Cheeses.  The girls went up to celebrate with him.

Grandma Stonehocker holding reese,  who moments before wanted someone else other than mom. Grandma got her hands on her and then she was happy

Libby was not to sure about the mascot that came out and kept her distance!

Durring the  group photo with the giant mouse who libby didn't want anything to do with she just sat and drank her root beer.  silly girl. 
So the story behind the whole/ crack in my bathroom door.
Marshall got up one morning and while getting ready for work he passed out in the bathroom.  I was still in bed and heard a loud crash and jumped out of bed.  I ran to the bathroom where I couldn't get the door open because marshall had fallen against it.  when I finally got in he was still out cold on the ground.  After several seconds I finally got his feet above his head and got him to wake up.  His brother came and gave him a blessing.   At 9 am we headed to the dr's.  They suggested a CT scan because he had thrown up several times. The results were that his scan came back clear but he had a nasty concussion.  So he spent the next 2 days parked on the couch watching arrested development, not moving because it made him nauseous. Libby and Reese took turns keeping him company.

the dent/crack/whole in the bathroom door.  he barely
missed the door hinge and was super lucky.

silly girls!

May 29-june1st

Libby loves to play with Reese.  Reese laughs every time libby tickles and plays with her.
She was all smiles and giggles when libby would put her legs on top of her tummy.

We had a girls day out and went to Joanne's bridal shower
Libby had fun!

Reese on her Tummy !!

Love her facial expressions!  She expresses with her whole body not
 just her face.  (please ignore my facial expressions they are horrible)

Her cute toes while she is sleeping! The little things mean the most.

Monday, June 24, 2013

At the property Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday of Memorial Day we went down to the Hooper property in Mt Pleasant for dinner.  Libby spent most of the afternoon swinging in the tire swing and playing in the new fort.

Libby also loved the flowers (surprise, surprise)

View of the fire pit, tire swings to the North.

Libby and her "buddy", Braddock, love to play in the sandbox underneath the fort.

Of course, even when having a day "at camping" as she puts it, Libby still has to have multiple flowers in her hair!

May 19-20

Marshall took this picture.  I swear he gets all the good ones!

Occasionally when we are in the area we take Libby to the cemetery so she can visit Haley.  We let her get out of the car and run over to her grave by herself.  She has he own little conversation and gets to have that special moment to herself.  She really cherishes these occasions and it nearly brings tears to our eyes every time.  She sure does love her and makes sure that she is still part of our lives! 

Last day of preschool field trip!  Brittany was able to attend and have a fun day with Libby. 

Libby loves to get in Reese's face and try to make her smile and laugh.  She also loves to pose for pictures (as always), even when she has to share screen time.

Marshall's dad had his 60th birthday in May.  The family celebrated at Red Lobster.  When they sang happy birthday to him they brought out a huge Lobster and made him kiss it for the pictures!  He was given a book full of the kid's favorite memories of him.  I'm sure they will make him laugh and cry.