Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My life sometimes feels like I am always in fast forward.  I am constantly going and I miss crucial moments in life and I can't figure out how to slow it down and enjoy it.

Libby is growing up and amazing us each day with something new.  Its crazy to see her acting more and more like a kid rather than a toddler.

on friday night I was putting her to bed and more often than not it is usually a fight and then lots of crying (from both of us).  well she was happy a first in a long time.  We read scriptures, a book and had said our prayers.  I was giving her our usual good night hang and she asked ever so sweetly "oh mom can I PLEEEASE her a drink of water" then batted her eyes and smiled.  I started to laugh and could help but say  yes.

last night while getting her PJ's on she pulled her pans off and then purposefully dropped her under ware.  then says in a nasel guttural voices "my panties" (which she does this every time we get dressed) Me being annoyed says." you don't have to take your under ware off we only change them in the morning and then you still don't need to say 'my panties'."  she looks at me and say "well I say it because my daddy laughes."

She come to my moms after preschool and loving playing with haley's dog.  they are pretty good friends.  but the beast part of being at my moms is when she and the dog play outside.  I don't have to worry about her and she has a little buddy to hang with when they are in the back yard.

We took her to dinner with us on Valentines day.  And I let her stay dressed up in her Princess dresses.  she had a 5 bracelets on and a necklace too.  she was so happy It made me smile.

She has been having problems sleeping and staying in her room at bed time.  so we put a child lock on her door and a gate at the end of the hall, So she can still get to the bathroom but not come and wake us up.  Wel this morning she came into our room at 7:!5 and says Mommy Im awake. marshall and I both groan.  he had stayed up until 3 doing homework and I just didn't want to get out of bed yet.  well come to find out she pushes the gate until it falls over.  but about 10 min later she says she wants to go get her dress so she can get ready for church.  I figured she would be back up because she couldn't get into her closet.  nope.  she brought me the "broken" child lock for the door.  and said here mom.  so at this point I don't know if I should be mad or impressed.

With Marshall graduating in may we are planning a family vacation to go watch him walk (he is getting his  masters in human resource and development).  So we have been talking a lot about our trip.  trying to plan and figure out why is going to work.  We made the mistake of telling Libby that we are going on an airplane.  and since January I hear about going on an airplane at least once every day!  I am glad that she is excited to go.  I am very excited to be able to finally have my husband back.  We have a count down of 11 weeks left until life will become normal.  I can't wait to be able to talk to an adult again.  go somewhere without having to worry that we have to be home so marshall can do homework.  the 3 years straight has been hard but I can not only see the light at the end of the tunnel It is only a few steps away from us being out of the tunnel!!!!!

Haleys surgery has been rescheduled again for mid april.   This is a change from the mar 6 that was changed due to a scheduling issues with dr. and their vacation times. she is miserable and exhausted.  And its hard to watch her suffer.  So please keep her in your prayers as she is suffering.