Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas party #1 GIGI Price's house

 My Mom's family has become small this year.  With the passing of Danny and Haley.  Rebecca and her family of 7 and Joe and Lindsay and their family of 5 moved to Texas.  So numbers wise we lost 14 people from our party. (all of the little children are gone, it is my 2 and another cousin's 1).  We eat dinner and chat for a bit then we go to the downstairs and have a small program where we read about the birth of the Savior.  Then Grandma Price pulls out the "Minute to win it" game and we all split into teams and play.  At the end of the games we have a giant marshmallow war.  She gives all the little children a bag of presents to open up.  That has been a fun tradition that we have done for a long time.

Libby wanted to be nice and massage my shoulders.

 Reese was playing all over.

 Reese and Libby opening their presents                            Libby refusing to participate and lead music

Libby wanted to play the cookie game too.

Festival of Trees Dec

We went with my family to the Festival of Trees.  Reese was ok riding in the stroller for a while.  She looked super cute but didn't get any naps for the day.

Libby refused to walk... so Marshall got a great work out since he carried her on his shoulders the entire time.  We did eat scones (that were cold and hard) and Cinnamon buns that were the same.  But I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful trees that people donated to help Primary Children's Medical Center.

We were reminded of the kind person that donated a Baby Jesus centered tree to our family last Christmas.  Maybe one day we will be able to donate a tree for Haley.

Ward Christmas Party dec 7th

I have yet to go to a ward Christmas party since Marshall and I got married.  He isn't big into socializing with the ward.  So with him out of town I took Libby and Reese and we had a blast!  

I was super thankful for good friends that held my busy body Reese so I could ...use the bathroom, sing with the young women,  go find my missing Libby, get our food,  and EAT.  Thanks Jamie!!!
Reese loved eating my roll!!  She went to town on that thing, I guess we are transitioning into real food from baby food.

Dec 6 Dinner at Denny's

I have been trying hard to not create children that are ungrateful and expect that I give them everything.   So we haven't been taking them out to eat as much.   Which sometimes .79 hamburgers and .99 chicken nuggets really are nice to have around.   But Marshall was gone to Tulsa and so Libby and I went to Denny's and had dinner.  We have to eat fast because Reese doesn't like sitting too long in the car seat and I wasn't going to take her out.

Libby was excited and got hot chocolate and Reese ate some baby snacks while I had a turkey club.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

December Pictures

Libby drew a picture of our family and Jada and Nick.  She also did a color by number and the cool part was that she read what each color was so excited she read it all by herself,  I didn't have to tell her!

 So getting Marshall to take me on a date is like pulling teeth.  I have to plan, find a sitter, decide on dinner and if I want people to go with I have to make it happen.   So because he refuses to participate in planning I bought tickets to a dinner show and we went.  At the end he said "it was better than I thought it was going to be" I enjoyed myself and that is all that matters.

Libby is growing up right before my eyes. She has become a great helper!!!

Libby always wants to help feed Reese and sometimes I let her.

She is learning how to read!! And knows the words he, the, be, I, and, snow,  and a few others that I can't remember right now ;-) 

Cuddling with presents!!

 Libby is a great big sister she plays really well with Reese.  She lets her play ponies and read books

I was walking into the church and slipped on a patch of ICE.  It hurt and I was super wet!!  And a candid of Libby Lou.