Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our trip!

I am going to have to do these in segments because I took like some 1000 pictures and that is way to many to put up so we will start with graduation because that was the reason for our trip in the first place!

Marshall Daniel Hooper Graduated from Villanova University May 19 2012 with his Masters Degree in Human Resources. He passed his PHR with an 80%

YAHOO daddy did it!!!

Marshall's Parents were able to come out and watch him graduate.
 We were so glad that they could!

Our Master!!! ;-) 

Alex, Marshall, and Jared.  All work together at USSynthetic and 
graduated with the same degree, all of them together, it was pretty awesome!

Marshall and his parents Denise and Shelby

Me and Marshall I am so proud of him!!!!!

Have to have a picture with the name of the school 
or else no one would believe us right?!?!?!?

                                       We are so proud of of Husband, Father, Son and Grandson