Our Anniversary

So we decided that we need a place to keep tabs on what we do for our anniversary.  (since we are getting old and cant remember what we did last night)

Honeymoon- stayed at B&B in Manti , salt lake for 2 nights
1 year anniversary- stayed at the Anniversary inn 1 night
2 year - Went to Las Vegas (got lost)
3 year-
4 year- We spent the weekend playing Dr. Mario and eating pizza and red vines
5 year- went on a cruise (late october) went to a B&B on the actual day.
6 year- Marshall. Joe, lance all graduated college and We went to the ceremony in Logan.
Stayed at a crapy motel.
7 year - We went to Washington DC and New York and Philadelphia for Marshall's Masters degree graduation.  We totally forgot that it was our anniversary.
8 year- Went to the foundry for dinner and marshall Bought me a beautiful Pink Diamond!
9 year
10 year
11 year
12 year
13 year
14 year
15 year
16 year
17 year
18 year
19 year