Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ragnar nov 2014

Marshall has enjoyed several years of running the "ragnar" with the same group of people.

Marshall loves the TV program "Arrested Development"  he happened across this other teams van the Never nudes it sure made for a great joke!

Marshall and his team dedicated their run to Marshall's niece "Dru... little miss magic" she passed away shortly there after.  The support of the team was touching.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Here is our last surgery to have the stent removed right before thanksgiving.  

Since the stent was removed she has been very happy and much more herself.  The urology dept let me know that her follow up ultra sounds show that there is no leak!!!, and no reflux so she should never have to deal with this struggle again!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

bad news

Reese was 5 days out from surgery and we thought she was doing great until she wasn't peeing anymore and she was limping around.  So we called the dr and he asked us to Hurry to the hospital for some tests.  She got an ultra sound and an Xray.   They found that she had a collection of fluid in her abdominal cavity.

We made it to the hospital and were admitted.  You can tell that she went 
down hill from happy to just not feeling well.

While we waited for the dr the really awesome nursing staff brought her all 
her favorite things.  " I color"  

The picture in purple is the picture of the fluid collection.  the ultra sound looked bigger than the bladder.

 The only thing she would eat over the 3 days we were there were bananas

 The only time she would sit or even be happy was me "walking" the halls pushing her " my car"  we had the drain that we were constantly emptying from her stomach that we got to carry around  she had it all figured out.

 The dr decided that we  needed to put a stent in to help the hole, that they assumed was there, to heal.  so after they did that surgery which was successful she became a new person!!

her first meal in almost a week :-)  I was so excited 
While I stayed at the hospital my wonderful friend jamie helped me with cutie pie libby while marshall was at work.  Man was reese so excited to see her.  We face timed her several times just so she could see libby.

feeling better singing some songs "skiminerink a dink a dink " (SP??)

versed is one of her happy moments :-)

The drain out of her abdomen

 When she started walking all by herself it made this mom very happy!!!

Going Home!!! 

more dr appts

We spent many days and hours in a dr office.  We had to find ways to keep all of us entertained.  Marshall and Reese's favorite game was the balance a fruit loop on your nose.