Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Contest Winner

Well our little Libby WON!!!!!!!!! She was dressed as Miss Spanish Fork, and she won the baby contest out of all the babies that 9- 12 month old girls. I am such a proud mom. This means that we get to be in the parade on the 24th. Marshall is trying to get out of having to go. Both sets of grandparent's will be out of town so me and Libby are going to wave at all the town. We still wonder how she pulled it off with this look on her face. But she is still our little angel and we are so proud of her.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby contest

today Libby was entered into her first baby contest. she awed the judges with her costume as miss Spanish fork(the judge is the reigning miss Spanish fork and her attendants). but other than that she refused to smile at anyone. we wont find out is she won until the morning. but here are a few of her pictures.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

july 4th camping trip

Not that we get sleep when we go camping now. We used to sleep better, camping, before Libby. but we still had fun. we took my sister Haley with us because she has spent her last 4 weeks babysitting while I had to work more. I hope that she enjoyed her 4 wheeling excursion as much as Libby. Marshall had her on his parents wheeler and Haley and I where on ours. He said she stuck her arms out like she was flying , he thinking that she was nervous put his finger to her hand and she just batted it away like she could care less that he was there. I think we have a very independent little girl.

in the mornings she has been making a roaring noise . we thought is was just a animal sound she has been making. come to find out it is the noise the toy fire engine at my moms, makes ad she has been imitating it for the past 3 weeks and we finally figured it out.