Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our birthmother and Birthfather

There are moments in life that one wants to never forget and this past week I have had several of these moments.
1. watching my brother lovingly look at his bride over the alter of the temple.
2. Watching my husband as we got to see our soon to be child in an ultra sound.
3. Watching our Birthmother in pain being comforted by the Birthfather.

last night we had the opportunity to meet the Birth Grandparents of our Birth couple.  As we watched our birthmother as she was in pain (possible gallstones) I watched how sweet and tender the birth father was as he held her and tried to ease her pain.

I am so grateful for the moments in life that one will never forget because of the love that you can see in those tender moments that other don't think you see.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Holiday Weekend

For the holiday weekend We decided to go camping (for the first time this year).  and we did it last min!  We packed and left in 35 min, but then had to return home 3 more times before we remembered everything!  we enjoyed our time together in the out doors.  I think it reminds me of all that God has given us.  as we rode around I  was even more grateful for the blessing I have because I can realize that they are truly blessings.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Our 4 GENERATION family photo

My dad Eldon, My Daughter Libby, Me Brittany, and my Grandma Lavern Stonehocker

Visiting Great Grandma Stonehocker

Walking with great grandma stonehocker and grandpa stonehocker

Libby With her great grandma stonehocker so excited to see her!!

Libby Brittany and Grandma Lavern Stonehocker     Haley, Cynthia, Ian, Lavern, Libby, Brittany, Eldon
Tim, Carol, Haley Libby, Lavern,Brittany, Ian, Cynthia, Eldon, Diane, Ron
Carol made an amazing lunch spread for us! celery soup and homemade noodle soup all the ingredients came from her garden! It was fantastic!!!
On our trip to canada we went to see my grandma stonehocker!  That was the important part!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

our canada trip

While in Canada we visited the LDS Cardston Alberta temple.  They had recently had a terrible hail storm that had broken many windows and done some damage to the building are were repairing it when we arrived.  we took lots of pictures.  they are of Libby, Myself(Brittany), Eldon (my dad) and Ian(my youngest brother).  We enjoyed our time there and learned that there used to be a tabernacle on the temple site but it as torn down some 60 years ago.  



We enjoyed posing for in Libby terms "Way too many pictures mom"
but I loved it!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Canada Trip

After Girls camp I was home for 36 hours and then me libby and my dad and Ian all left to go to canada!we made it to Idaho for lunch

We were behind a house being moved on the freeway!!

Family Date Night

After being gone all week to girls camp we needed a family date!  So off we headed to play some mini golf Libby ad so much fun!!! Marshall tried to show her the "real/right" way to golf but after 3 or 4 holes she gave up and played her way

 Libby wanted us to pose and then she did too while she took our picture it was pretty funny!

she then took lots of other pictures