Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Marshall's Business trip to Chicago

Panoramic of Cloud Gate in Millenium Park and the Chicago skyline

This is from underneath "the Bean"

 Marshall had a business trip to Chicago at the beginning of April.  He was a little un-prepared for the cold weather and had to buy a beanie because it was so cold.

This trip out however he said he finally had a good piece of Chicago style pizza.  He also finally got to downtown Chicago.  Last summer the closest he got was Wrigley Field when he went to the Cubs game.  This was the "Bean" and downtown Chicago.

Playing with the new panoramic feature on the new iPhone.
(There are two Marshall's in white jackets in this photo)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wheeler farm

My sister-in-law Lindsay and I decided to go to wheeler farm and take the kids out for a fun outing.  

It went well, and we added Joe-my brother, My Mom (Grandma), and my other sister-in-law Angela.  

You can see everyone but me in the photo

All the kids except the sleeping Reese

So while I was in the bathroom the kids found this
dead bird and brought it to my brother.  Boy they
just wanted to show us little did they know that
dead birds carry yucky diseases.

April 8-11th

Grandma Hooper made scarfs for the girls in the family and 

Libby begged to have a pink one.  She wore it continuously for 2 days.

Libby is always talking or singing or playing with Reese!  It makes me so Happy to see that Libby Loves Reese!
She is super happy when she is awake.  

Libby begs to hold or feed Reese and I don't always let her.  I probably should do better.  But both girls love each other so much, how could I not let them have a little sister time? (well supervised of course)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

april 1-7th

SO we bought a double Jogging stroller (a Bob) and Marshall and I took the girls (because it was warm) for a walk on the park running path. (I am starting to walk more to prepare for the youth trek we were called to be parents on in July) Please excuse the ornery look on my face I thought Marshall was taking a picture of just the girls otherwise I would have smiled! 

 Reese fell asleep very quickly and Libby would rather ride when Marshall is running because when we walk she wants to get out and play.

On Easter we had a family together and we have 3 baby girls all born within 3 months of each other.

Frankie - Nov 14th (all red)
Reese - Feb 3rd (red shirt heart pants)
Madison - Feb 6th (Pink zebra)

Frankie and Reese are almost the same size!

How does one get 3 babies to smile? By putting Aunt Jen in their face making noise!!