Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day with Izaiah July 8th

My nephew came and stayed at my mom's.  She wanted him to be very entertained.  So we made a plan to go to the dinosaur museum.  We spent the day playing!  We were glad that Angela and grandma Cynthia, and Izaiah and Libby and Reese all got to spend time together.  I was super grateful for the adult conversations.

 Waiting in the parking lot for grandma and Izaiah to get to the Dinosaur museum.

Reese is getting so big sitting up all by her self.

The kids made their own dinosaur 

And Reese Sleeps!!!! The kids love the sand and water table! Who doesn't?

Angela, grandma Cynthia and Reese!

They loved the water and the sand the best!

We then went to the Animal Farm 
We made a day of it

looking at the ponies it was going to the bathroom and they were fascinated

Getting ready to ride the tractor!  They loved it.

Riding the pony she loved it!!

We are in jail. some happy some sad.

Ugly Chickens! They are all alive but I think they
have a disease and should be removed because they look scary!

The baby goats were were very cute especially the one that
the kids got to pet.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 4th

 Our tradition is to go watch the fireworks next to the Provo Hospital.  I was happy, Reese was tired and Libby was over-excited.

Every year Marshall says "we need to bring our own glow sticks", and every year we forget.  
Did you know that you can ingest 26 glow sticks before you need to go to the ER.  Something learned after telling Libby not to bite on the glow stick. 

Better late than never Happy 4th of July

We had a belated fireworks show on the 7th!

Joe is super crazy 

Seeing how many he can light before he got burned.

Then Lance got involved (mister Pyromaniac).  After all was said and done marshall kept throwing snaps at them and watched them just in fright.  Super funny!