Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well I know I am not the best blogger. Life gets busy and Libby is at the right age to want to do more activities. But we found out in the last month and a half that with some of my health challenges that is we got pregnant again that the pregnancy and delivery of a baby could cause great damage to my heart. So after Much prayer and Many hours of pondering and fasting we decided that we are going to adopt.

It is a big decision and taken much to come to this. But knowing it is what we are supposed to do makes it much easier to move ahead with it.

Let me give you a little in to what we have spent the last few weeks doing. on top of the fees that are associate with adoption there is endless paperwork. I know I have personally spent over 10 hours answering questionnaires about myself. and Marshall still has some of his left to fill out. we have several interviews with LDS Family Services. But we are doing all we can to make this happen quickly. So if our Blog is a little random it is because we are doing all we can to grow our family, and hopefully it will be insightful to all you who are looking into adoption.


Marshall had a day off from school so we decided that it would be a perfect time to take Libby to the Zoo. We got going a little later than i planned and had to listen to Libby cry the entire drive up there. She is not a big fan of he car seat especially in the car. We got there at about 10 and started the day she loved every minute of the day with the animals she used her high pitched baby voice to talk to the animals.

she loved the elephants and was fascinated with watching them eat. our zoo had a baby elephant and that was pretty cool to see the baby animals.

We enjoyed the giraffes, Libby loved the big cats the cougars, she loved the peacocks and turkeys and even gobbled at them. she loved the mircats the most because they played at the window where she was.

Cake Decorating Contest

Well Marshall's Family (the men only) decided to have a cake decorating and tasting contest. Marshall does not bake and he has been so very busy with school and work that, to say the least he did not want to participate. but to not hurt his families feelings he had me go buy an already prepared and decorated cake. I like a good wife went to maceys and bought a chocolate and Oreo cake. and what do you bet he won the best tasting cake award. some people did not agree that he bought it but Marshall didn't agree with the contest so I had a good laugh.

bills cake looks as good as it tasted
brads cake geerman chocolate shelby's favorite

bretts cake most creative