Monday, February 25, 2013

2 weeks old!

 Reese had her 2 week appointment on the 16th of February.  She did great!

-Weight: 8 lb 8oz & she is in the 68 percentile
-Height: 20.5 & she is in the 72 percentile
-She still is eating fabulous but we have been giving her only 3 oz and letting her suck on a soother.  This has helped in her not spitting up as much.
-She does have a hernia under her belly button.  The Dr said it should go away by the time she is 2.  If not we will go and have that repaired.
-Her hip socket isn't completely formed (this is usual in first born children that are girls) but to make sure it is fine we will be taking her to do an ultrasound at her 4 week mark.  Most often it is formed by this point, it is just a precaution.
-She sleeps 5-6 hours straight every night.  Usually she falls asleep at 8 and wakes between 2-3 and then sleeps 4 or 5 more hours.
-She Loves to be held.
-I think if she had her way she would sleep on her tummy in my arms snuggled under my neck.
-She doesn't like to be swaddled too much.  I usually don't make it to tight on her arms and her legs are free.  She always finds a way to have her arms out and relaxed.
-She responds to the sound of my voice and Libby's singing. She also loves car rides.
-She still doesn't cry very much.

The hardest part of the week is keeping all the sickness at bay.  With this time of year I have been trying hard to keep her healthy (so far so good).  But Libby got sick AGAIN.  That girl catches everything!!!   Because of the yucky's at our house I left Libby in the capable hands of Marshall and took the baby to my parent's empty house for the holiday weekend (Presidents Day).  Libby had a fever of 104.3 and I didn't want Reese getting it.  So needless to say we have had a rough weekend and long days.  So please forgive the lack of pictures.  (All of the pictures of Libby with her were taken before she got sick on Friday)

 *strrrrrrrrretch                                                  Libby feeding her a bottle and wiping milk off her cheek

Early morning Cuddle

All ready to go to the Dr.'s office for her 2 week check up!!

                           Love this one!
Holding Big sister Libby's Fingers!

Marshall said that I was jinxing  myself when I dressed her in this onesie.  
Good thing she cant read yet!

I love sleeping babies!!

Reese was crying and Libby came over to settle her down.   I thought these pictures do a good job of showing you what Libby does for Reese!!

Super cute in the animal print!

This is for Jada! I can't tell you how many times I go to check on her that this is the pose she has decided to sleep in.  She sleeps great especially if she can have her arms up above her head.

this is the picture from the Dr's office I laughed because she looks so concerned about something.  Lucky for her it was just the PKU test.

What can I say? I like to see both of the girls together.

Sleeping at my mom's this weekend! She looks so
peaceful and relaxed!

I am awake and I know I am supposed to be asleep!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentines Pictures!!

 Reese Ann Hooper 
Born February 3rd 2013
at 4:35 pm (start of Super Bowl)
7 lb 8 oz 19 1/2 long

My Wonderful Aunt called me on Saturday the 9th and said "if you can be here by 11 I will do valentines pictures of your beautiful baby!!"  So I packed Reese up, while Marshall and Libby had the whole day planned out already, and I headed to Riverton for pictures.
I sent these as our 2 week letter to our birth family and it     was perfect timing, they got there on Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our first week

Reese did great at home!  She slept 5 hours consistently every other night :-)  She rarely cried except when really really hungry.

Her first well check appointment went great on the 6th
- She was not jaundice
- She has a small nose which makes her sound stuffy (even though she isn't sick or stuffy,just the cute little nose)
- She was already 7 lb 9 oz 
- In the first 15 hours at home she was already up to 4oz bottles, she loves her food!!

*Jada and Reese have the same teddy bear and blanket 

Libby begged and begged to hold Reese.  She realized that the baby isn't as light as her dolls and this was the best way to hold her.  But for me as a Mother the best is the look of love I can see in Libby's eyes for her new baby sister.  

Wearing her cute outfit from Nick our birth father and His mom Moneka Birth Grandma.  Look at the cute monkey on her bum, and toes!

Her first bath at home (she peed all over herself) 


Just looking around at all there is to see!

Sleep Smiling!! Love it

Ready for bed

Dressed for the day!! 

Libby and Marshall and Reese!  All cuddled up on the couch!  My favorite people in the world all together!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed!!

Eating her bottle

 Relaxing after eating, hoping to get her to burp and then to sleep!  

I love her face after she eats, she is so relaxed and has that milk hangover look!


 She is so precious!! Reese is relaxed 98% of the time!!

We got the sore bum and the red chin all fixed and cleared up within a couple of days!
So we had to explain to Libby that babies sleep most of the time and then they wake up to eat and cry!

Reese loves to sleep.  We wrap her upper body up and she snuggles down in her blanket so her face is touching blankets. 


Meeting my dad for the first time!  He had tears of joy! 

Libby may be wearing the same PJ's (every night) but she loves to just sooth Reese by rubbing her cheek.

We went to my moms for February's birthday dinner.
We celebrated Angela, Lindsay, Marshall's b-days and next year we will add Reese.
Everyone was there so we got a picture of all the grandkids!! 
Indie 3, Frakie 3 months, Izaiah 5 (in grandpas glasses) Reese 5 days, and Libby 4

Reese eating (guzzling) her bottle and the following picture was taken 5 min later she was out.


 We love her in the monkey outfit, can you tell?!?!!

Sleep smiling. LOVE LOVE LOVE this baby girl! 

Sleep Smiling LOVE LOVE LOVE this baby Girl!!

Libby likes to come hold her hand when she is crying!  She then sings her songs to help settle her down.  She always starts with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and then moves on to her rendition of "I am a child of God" which is a mixture of "I am a child of god" and "Book of Mormon Stories".  It's pretty funny and I get a kick out of it!  I am glad she loved the primary song!  Best part is Libby's voice tends to help make Reese calm and she always stops crying when big sister Libby is around. 

 She started getting tired and grabbed my fingers and held tight.  I know that all babies do this, but man it made me feel pretty important and needed in this Beauties life!