Saturday, August 29, 2009

The New School Year

Well I am not in school neither is Libby, But Marshall is so we will go with that. Well I'm another year older and wiser too....maybe not that wiser but this has been an eventful year for our family and we have been reminiscing about our life before Libby and now how it has changed since she has entered our life. We gave her an early 1 year birthday party at grandma Stonehockers house and in September on her birthday we will be having a party with grandma Hooper so here are the pictures of the first party. though you all should know she is cruising around on those little legs of hers. she runs and climbs everywhere and everything. but she is as cute as can be and lets us all know it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Contest Winner

Well our little Libby WON!!!!!!!!! She was dressed as Miss Spanish Fork, and she won the baby contest out of all the babies that 9- 12 month old girls. I am such a proud mom. This means that we get to be in the parade on the 24th. Marshall is trying to get out of having to go. Both sets of grandparent's will be out of town so me and Libby are going to wave at all the town. We still wonder how she pulled it off with this look on her face. But she is still our little angel and we are so proud of her.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby contest

today Libby was entered into her first baby contest. she awed the judges with her costume as miss Spanish fork(the judge is the reigning miss Spanish fork and her attendants). but other than that she refused to smile at anyone. we wont find out is she won until the morning. but here are a few of her pictures.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

july 4th camping trip

Not that we get sleep when we go camping now. We used to sleep better, camping, before Libby. but we still had fun. we took my sister Haley with us because she has spent her last 4 weeks babysitting while I had to work more. I hope that she enjoyed her 4 wheeling excursion as much as Libby. Marshall had her on his parents wheeler and Haley and I where on ours. He said she stuck her arms out like she was flying , he thinking that she was nervous put his finger to her hand and she just batted it away like she could care less that he was there. I think we have a very independent little girl.

in the mornings she has been making a roaring noise . we thought is was just a animal sound she has been making. come to find out it is the noise the toy fire engine at my moms, makes ad she has been imitating it for the past 3 weeks and we finally figured it out.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

July already!!!!

I cant believe how fast the last 2 months have flown. I had put my camera away and now I wished I hadn't. things of note the last 2 months

Marshall and I had our 4 year anniversary. Marshall started and finished the first block of the summer semester (only 7 more weeks to go). I got new responsibilities at work. and Libby can now go up the stairs all by her self. she is also standing -balancing-by her self i don't think it will be to much longer before she is running and we along with her. she knows how to play patty cake and any time of the day you can ask her to "roll em up and roll em up " and she will. she has a stylish push car that goes all around the house. the best is when she hits the wall she keeps banging it till we come fix the problem.

I pulled out the camera while Marshall mowed the lawn and we stood in her bedroom window watching him mow and here are a few of those cute pictures.

Monday, May 11, 2009

8 Months Old this Week

Libby figured out how to get into the basket this morning she was talking up a storm and I went to check on her and this is what she was doing.
I think its almost time to start piano lessons with aunt haley.

she finds those stairs when dad is up stairs asleep then stands at the bottom yelling for him.

anyhting she isn't supposed to get is always the first thing to be got.

sorry its been a while I have not had the camera out as often as I should. Well since easter libby has learned to say mom and da and baba, she also knows how to go up the stairs and eat potato bugs thanks to taggert. she is eating lots of food. loves fruit and veggies (all of them) but not chicken and broth. we cant eat food without her she gets mad. we are having fun and looking forward to those nice days for walks.
Marshall finished his spring class and we are very proud of him he go a 4.o I know that he worked hard in those 4 classes to get good grades and Libby and I are very happy for him. But sadly he started his summer block of classes. he is taking 12 credits that means 2 classes at a time mon, tues, wed, ans thurs from 6-9 pm from now till middle of june then 8am-1pm mon, wed, friday, classes from the end of june til august. So we will be glad to have the saturdays off but we will not see marshall as often as week would like. but so is life of a college student.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all. marshall and I soent easter apart for most of the day. He went and hunted eggs with his family while I stayed home with libby. Then he came home and I visited my family. Haley came and sat with libby during church so we could teach our lesson and she will never know how much I means to me. well even though libby couldn't go to visit grandmas in her easter dress we did take a few pictures.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

happy girl

Our little libby has grown so very quickly she loves marshall and sure shows it. WHen he walks into the room her eyes light up and she is so excited. she loves her little spoon if we had known that the spoon would be the most used toy we probably would have just stuck with it as our only toy.

girls lunch

Our chevy girls potluck lunch we all had a blast and ohhh it tasted so very good

sick kids

At our house I have been the only one not sick (knock on wood). When I got Libby out of bed this morning she had a fever and just didn't feel well. Marshall came home while i was feeding her and was so wonderful offered to hold her while I put in some time in my office working. Well things got really quiet and when I went to check on them this is what I found. if your going to not feel well then a good cuddle to sleep is the best position

Monday, March 30, 2009

my handy work

I have put my quilting away since I got pregnant. but I pulled it out for andy. it made me smile but libby hated having it out. but here is a picture of my handy work. Thanks to Marshall's niece addy I finally have 1 picture of me.
I spent hours hand stiching around the track and the trees and the cars and the signs. but it was all worth it in the end it will be a fun toy to take to church one day.

Peas and Rice

We have held off feeding libby foods because she has such a sensitive tummy. So in the last week or so we have been introcucing new foods. She has not really liked the oatmeal and so we have tried rice and she loves it. this week we tried peas and the first taste was not so hot but since then it has been a real hit. she will keeping eating as long as she gets to hold the spoon.

stuffy noses cause problems

Libby had a stuffy nose and we thought that it would be a good idea to have her sleep in her car seat for the night. What we didn't take into account is that she loves to sleep on her tummy. Well she didn't make much noise throughout the night so when I went in to get her this was what she looked like . she really is sleeping.