Menus- all my menus

I know everyone struggles with what to make for dinner or lunch.  I thought maybe I will post my menu's.  This has really helped me stick to my budget, and then I don't worry about having that 5:00 pm panic of what to make for dinner. 
You will see how I have evolved since I started.  The "Food Nanny" suggests a theme night and do that same theme every week.  Well I am not gung ho about that but I put it on my menu and the theme helps to pick a meal. 
I try to plan my menu off what I already have on hand.  That way my pitiful weekly food budget goes much farther.  It always surprises me that I can make most of my meals with what I have in my food storage.  You will also notice that it is not all pasta or plain chicken. 
The Last menu is one that you are welcome to use.  I have no clue where I found it at but it is by far my favorite one to use.  It helps me know what I need to purchase for my meal.  It will also help you if you buy in bulk or at case lot time, know what you use a lot of. 
I keep in my filing cabinet in my office a folder for my menu's.  I have one that is full of blank menu's and one that has all my previous menus.  that way when I get stuck I can always look back.  It also help to already have a list of your families favorites.


feb 1 2011