Saturday, April 24, 2010

the thing that says "ROAR"

We LOVE Libby and are very grateful for her happy smiling face. we just wish that happy smiling face would stay clean and smiling all the time. but as everyone knows kids will be kids. She is grow up each day and what a learning experience it is.
what Libby knows:
*she has learned how to get past the child locks in the kitchen.
*she has figured out how to open water bottles and Ziploc baggies.
*she's learned lots of new words among those this week are " backpack, Dora, up, muffin, *strawberry, treat, bite, pancakes, breakfast".
*how to run in a track meet.
*that not all flowers in daddy's garden can be touched.(thorny rose bushes)
let me explain a few things.
-the child locked drawers kept all my cooking utensils and household junk. I have had to find new places for the junk (most in the garbage) and the cooking utensils are now animals that attack me saying "roar".
-the track meet running. well Marshall and I took her to watch Krista play a softball game on a Wednesday, then Thursday we went to Logan's soccer game. then Friday and Saturday we went to watch Haley in the track tournament. the theme to these are running. now Libby's favorite thing to do is run from one end of the house to the other with us cheering her on like at all the sporting events.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Family and Friends

Dear Family and Friends,

Marshall, Libby and I wanted to tell you about our wonderful opportunity and the challenge that has presented itself to our little family.

I was born with a complete congenital heart block. I have lived a fairly normal life with a few limitations. At age 14 I received a pacemaker that dramatically improved my way of life. I was able to do what most people could.

After Marshall and I were married, we were blessed with our beautiful daughter Libby in the fall of 2008. Within a month of her birth I had to have my pacemaker replaced. I started noticing that I was not feeling very well I was exhausted and had no energy to do very much. Since I had a new pacemaker I chalked it up to being a new mom. After a year of feeling this way I decided to talk to my cardiologist about this. The conclusion that they came to was that the stresses and rigors of pregnancy had taken its toll on my heart causing it to weaken. They found some medications that have made a wonderful difference and have helped me feel much better, but the Cardiologist has suggested that we not get pregnant again. He feels that if I were to get pregnant again, it would weaken my heart even more, even to the extent that I would be unable to properly care for Libby and a new baby. He and his colleagues have strongly urged us to look to other avenues for bringing children into our home. After hearing this information, Marshall and I spent many days in prayer and meditation on what path would be right for our little family. We went to a pregnancy specialist but they gave us the same information that the stress of pregnancy could cause damage to my heart. We both feel very strongly that our family is not complete, and Libby needs to have a sibling, the opportunity to be a big sister. But we know that my health is most important.

We have decided that adoption is our path. There are so many children that need good and loving homes.

We understand that we don’t get to pick a baby but are chosen by a birthmother. We also know that the time is in the Lord’s hands and not ours. If waiting is our experience, we will do it as patiently as we can, but if the Lord sees fit to bless us quickly-- we will do our best to be prepared.

As you may be aware, adoption is an expensive process. The church, however, does try its best to help all families that apply through LDSFS. Going through LDSFS means adoption is a less expensive process than going through other agencies. We have tried to be prepared financially for this. It will cost us around $10,000. As a family we have been cutting back in many areas and working hard to have this money saved by the time we are completely approved.

LDSFS encourages adoptive parents to let their family and friends know they are adopting. The more people who know about our desire to adopt, the more our name is out there publically for a potential birthmother to consider our info.

We are asking our family for help!
1. Get the word out --tell all your friends, neighbors and others that we want to adopt a baby into our home. If you are willing to give out pass-along cards please let us know.
2. If you wish to donate to our cause, we would be so grateful and happy to accept any help you could offer.
3. Pray for us! Pray that we can go throughout all the processes quickly and that a birthmother will choose us to care for her precious child.

If you want to know how things are going please visit our blog at

Adoption stuff

Please feel free to check out our adoption blog!

We want to let all our friends and family know what is going on

the aquarium

I took Libby, Ian, and Haley to the aquarium, they all had fun Libby lived all the animals but her favorite by far were the new penguins. she thought they were cool and was completely fascinated with them. Ian loved to pet the stingrays. Haley was my best help taking Libby to see and touch everything.

Easter Traditions

Easter was fun this year Libby went hunting for eggs at grandma hoopers house and had a blast with marshall. and the clues that grandpas stonehocker gave her made her so excited. we are looking forward to her getting older. We are working on words lately. she says piano, purple, poop, and thank you, but not PLEASE. We are hoping she will make more sense here soon but we are greatful for her.