Monday, September 20, 2010

Chickens and Roosters

We were at my parents house on Sunday night and Marshall and Libby went for a walk with Ian to the backyard. Libby sees the chickens and wants to feed them.

Marshall: Libby what do Roosters eat?
Libby: Eggs!

on the way home Marshall told me the story. So I asked.

Brittany: Libby what do roosters eat?
Libby: Rocks!

Marshall said she tried to push the rocks through the fence after he tried to explain that roosters dont eat eggs.

The Scare of the week

I have been so excited that I get to stop working my part time job and be a full time mom. Sometimes experiences hit that thought home. Libby had been sick all week, Marshall stayed with her on Monday but I had to leave her on Thursday with the sitter. I kept trying to decide if I really wanted to take her sick but I had much to do at work, it being one of my last days of work ( I have 4 left). Well I took her to the sitters house. It was 4:00 in the afternoon when I thought to call Marshall to see how close to picking her up he was, when my phone rang. The sitter was upset and told me Libby had got into her purse and had eaten some tums and ibuprofen. She wanted to know what I wanted her to do with Libby. In a panic I told her I would call her right back. My plan was to have my parents pick her up and meet me at the hospital or the Dr office I could not decide. when they did not answer their phones and neither did Marshall I called the sitter back and had her meet me at the hospital ( a 2 min drive from my work and a 25 -40 min from mapleton, depending on traffic) I had my boss text Marshall because I couldn't do anything to save my life and then left for the hospital ER. When everyone showed up at the ER we took Libby right in and they let us know that because it was not Tylenol she was going to be just fine. We still had to wait 2 hours and then do some blood work just to make sure her liver and kidneys were good. Let me tell you, as a mom you get pretty anxious about the well being of your children. Knowing she might be my only child makes me that much more anxious when something is wrong. I was so grateful for all the prayers said on our behalf from all our friends and family.

SO for my words of wisdom... don't keep Tylenol in your home, Ibuprofen is a much safer medication if swallowed by children.
Libby is back to normal!


Libby Turned two on the fourteen of September. I wont get mushy like most moms do. I am grateful for Libby and how wonderful she is. She has been a blessing these past 2 years and would do it all over again to get our little angel (or hellian depending on the day). So here are a few pictures of our birthday adventures.

I will preface just a bit. Libby got sick 4 days before her birthday and ended up sick on her birthday (making it 2 years in a row) but she was so excited to "Open presents" she was singing happy birthday to herself when she would get into her highchair.

At the Hooper's she got candy land, play dough, a matching game, and play cooking utensils. She has been non stop playing with the cooking pots and pans and all the spoons to go with it. she loves them .

At the Stonehockers she got, tub fish, Dora doll with long hair, a Dora doll that talks and has a camera, wooden food set, and a 50 piece dish set. She carries a goblet and an orange together and calls them ice cream. Its pretty cute!

We gave her a tricycle, and a Dora backpack. Just like the rest of her life she wants to be big so she doesn't want to ride the bike she wants to push it. She is to short to peddle herself.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My thoughts about faith

Where to begin! I have to thank those who gave me good advice. I have been trying to figure out a way to stop working since I had to take Libby to a babysitter back in Feb of this year. Marshall's hours changed, and so we took her to a wonderful women's home to spend her Fridays. it has been a wonderful experience for Libby and she thinks it is great. BUT still I wanted to be home. so I started cutting back (budget wise). I started living on Marshall's checks and "trying" to save mine. But things just did not add up. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be possible. I had a family friend stay with us for a few days and she gave me some advice. she said the lord gives you opportunities to use faith. he wants you to trust that he knows and is willing to help you. He has his hands outstretched just ready to give you all that he has but you have to take one small step, all by your self. My problem is, I am a chicken. I am scared to make bad decisions. I am afraid of change. I was miserably content to not make any choice. after many hours of prayers and crying and lot and lots of talking. I just did it. Marshall said the lord blesses you when you have faith. So at the end of September of 2010 I am JUST a Mom. I was still worried. Let me tell you I was still trying to cut my budget any way I could. trying to make it all work out because I had not figured it all out. Today was my answer. Today made me a strong believer in 1 nephi 7:12 . I had to exercise my faith in the lord. Marshall had applied, interviewed and was picked for a promotion without even telling me he had applied. I got a call to go to lunch with him and when I got in the car he told me he got a promotion. We both looked into each others eye glistened with tears and knew that the lord had answered our prayers. He let me take my step. I feel so blessed that We could experience this as a little family.

We ask a small favor of our friends and family. We ask that you will all pray and if you can fast for us this fast Sunday. Please help us in fasting for our little family that we might be able to "grow" our 3 to 4. We believe that the lord blesses those that do all they can. We just ask that you keep us in your prayers and fasting.

We love you all and most importantly the Lord and all he does in our lives.