Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning Laugh

So Marshall and Libby were in her bed room reading books (pulling every book she has out just to make sure they are all there.). I came to sit down and “read” with them and Marshall was scratching his foot. Libby automatically thinks that he has an “owie” so she comes and points it our and he says “yes dad needs to soak his foot in water” and she says something and walks away a minute later she comes back with a water bottle full of water and says “here dad” and goes back to reading her books. Marshall was a little puzzled and I was laughing because she got him water to soak his foot.

Our 5 year Anniversary

Happy Five years to us. We can’t believe that it is already come. We celebrated by going to dinner at Rib City in American Fork. We really enjoyed it (thanks to Grandma Price, it was her Christmas gift to us). We had enough to get a nice size dinner for 2 and a dessert. Well Libby was sitting at the end of the booth and could see the waitress bringing the “chocolate, chocolate mania” it is about 5” high chocolate fudge and cookie and whipped cream delight. Well you can imagine when Libby set eyes on it she got a big huge smile her eyes light up and she said “OH YEAH” like they and bring that dessert for me I am so excited. Marshall and I spent the next 5 minutes feeding her the dessert and laughing.

P.S. Marshall and I are glad we still like each other after all these years! We are looking forward to the next 5.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dress up

My little dress up girl. She found some shoes in my closet (ones i dont wear anymore). she has been carrying around the purse that grandma hooper gave. She says BYE everytime she puts it on and walks away. She is a girl through and through.


I found some material today and made some covers for our existing pillows I still have 2 more to make. but here is a look at the couches and pillows yeah! was really easy. Every once in a while I need to do something that makes me feel like me and not only a mom. I also made (cooked and baked) several new items. I still have a few more to try but libby does not always let me do those little things I wanted.

Movie Watching

Libby Loves to watch movies! or anything with music in it.

We love to read books! Touchy feely books and interactive ones are our favorites. We love to watch movies especially ones that have lots of music. Libby’s favorites are Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, and Tarzan. Britt loves meet me in St. Louis and 7 brides for 7 brothers, and anything that is black and white. This week we watched a bunch of shows that were all Ginger Rogers. What an amazing women. I love her shows. We are going to try some more old movies maybe something of Doris Day (I have like 7 to choose from). If you don’t know who any of the previously named shows or people. That’s okay you don’t have to like them but know they were great performers and performances for their time.
P.S. Marshall wants to disclose that he never chooses to watch any of these shows. But has sat though at least, 1 Doris day movie and 7 brides for 7 brothers. He does not care for any on them. But loves his wife and since that is who is watching them, he will be nice and leave her alone to watch in peace.