Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our Family!

Playing with dad is always their favorite part of the day.  Whether its reading a book, watching a movie, watching basketball, or playing with a  ball on the stairs.

Dinner while dad is at Ragnar.

Celebrating Haley's 21st Birthday with Guilt free calorie free  (Wink Wink) Magelby's chocolate cake.

Lost teeth!!

 Grandma Hooper made Libby a tooth fairy pillow Libby is super excited!!   Thankful for handy, helpful and willing to sew (because I didn't want to) mother in law!! 

Easting breakfast!

Heading to a funeral for Dru

Date night  murder mystery dinner .  Marshall guessed the killer in no time flat!

Playing Dr.  they love to listen to hearts.

Libby fell asleep and I couldn't pass on the photo super funny!!

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